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Scuba Diving Experience At Talicud Island

I always thought that SCUBA diving is expensive and is not for people who can't swim like me, but... 

I joined my high school classmates with this adventure last May 1, 2013 and listed our names in advance at Carabao Dive Center.

We paid 850 PhP for the Intro Dive package (for beginners) on the day of diving at their office. The package includes all of the essentials of SCUBA diving (scuba tank, wet suit, fins, etc.), the guide's fee, boat, and 4 CD's of underwater snapshots.

Itinerary: 8am to 5pm = Coral Garden, Babusanta and Angels' Cove.
Expenses: 850 Php for the Intro Dive package, 100 pesos for lunch, 25 pesos for Buko Juice. Total of 975 pesos only!!!

Diving At Coral Garden

At 7:30 am we gathered at Carabao Dive Center’s office in Sta. Ana wharf and waited for the others who will join us on board. We sailed for at least 45 minutes to reach Coral Garden in Talicud Island, Samal... and my adventure started there...

Me while practicing!

My 30-minute diving experience started panicky for the fact that I don't know how to swim, difficulty of breathing, and the idea of any glitches on my scuba equipment. I was thinking that I'll just stop and go back to our boat --- but I didn't let it take over me. So I say, KAYA TO!!!! 

I thank my master diver guide for the patience and reminding me to stay calm. After a minute of practice and snorkeling, he slowly led me down to start the diving experience.   

Aquatic Sights!
Hi Nemo!
lovely sea creatures
Hey there lionfish! ROAR!!!
Fish eggs I assume
Picture2x daw


 Food is not inclusive of the 850 Php Intro Dive package so we brought packed lunch with us and dined at Babusanta.
Buko Juice
They are picked per order. Yes... you order one, and they'll climb up the coconut tree to pick them for you. Costs 25 PhP each.

Diving At Angels' Cove

After our lunch at Babusanta, we wen't to Angels' Cove to let the remaining hopeful divers witness the wonders of the sea. A second dive would require additional fee of 350 PhP.

Jenny at Angels' Cove

I asked the master diver of which is more beautiful between Coral Garden and Angel's cove and he just said that it's the same.

(From left to right) - Kristil, Me. Rhea, Jenny, Cindy, Maria Fe and Lampel

Hulog-Piso Gang of Sta.Ana Wharf

 You throw a coin on the water and they'll come rushing down to get it.

Do's And Don'ts Of Scuba Diving

S.C.U.B.A. (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) – by what the name implies, we need to bring gears with us to uphold our trip under the sea. Luckily, the 850 PhP Intro Dive (for beginners) package includes all of the essentials for diving.

Prior to getting into action, we had an orientation with the master diver about the do’s and don’ts of SCUBA diving. He taught us what to do when water gets inside the:

·         mouth – swallow or just blow it even if the mouth-piece is on, or you can just remove the mouth-piece and spit the water making sure you don’t forget to put it back on your mouth.
·         goggles – press the top part of the goggles and blow your nose.

And how to fight the pressure – equalize by pinching the nose then blow your nose (feel the air coming out from your ears), or swallow, or move your jaw.

We were also instructed of the Hand Signals as well:

He ended the orientation with the words --- Breathe, Equalize and Enjoy!

My Whole Experience!

It was a very great experience for someone like me who considers activities like this too-risky and I am sending my deepest gratitude to my guide for keeping me safe down there!

 This might sound funny but during the dive, I felt like a mermaid lol --- like a child again :-)

I also enjoyed my close encounter with Nemo (clownfish), needless to say I was amazed to pass over a sea snake (rarely a threat unless hurt - accdg to diver) and the beautiful corals. It was a different world down there - only more MAGICAL!

I will definitely go back and try this again without a guide, hopefully ;-)

Contact details:
[landline] +63(82)300-1092, 302-6255
[mobile] +63(928)504-7642, +63(922)861-0874
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/carabao.divers

Door #1, F.Hermanos Bldg., Sta. Ana Wharf, Monteverde St., 8000 Davao City


Debarpan Mukherjee said...

Seems like it was a nice experience for you and you enjoyed a lot. :)

Franc Ramon said...

Diving for P975 is really a good deal. Your photos underwater are really clear.

Ganessa Archival said...

Great deal! Those photos are not mine, they are from other diver's camera :)

Kai Grafia said...

OMG! what a really nice experience! I've always wanted to try that out. :) Hope I can try it out asap! Your photos look cooooool!

Jen said...

WOW! The pictures made me envious! I've always wanted to try SCUBA diving! :) You get to experience that for only Php975?! That is so cool!! :)

GANessa Archival Explore! said...

Yes, Scuba diving is really affordable in Samal :-)

Borlogs said...

That was great! I'll visit samal this aug, do you have their number so i can take advantage of their intro to diving package too... Thanks!

Ganessa said...

Hi Borlogs. Here's their number: [landline] +63(82)300-1092, 302-6255 | [mobile] +63(928)504-7642, +63(922)861-0874

Borlogs said...

Thanks a lot! This will be of great help!!!!

Ganessa said...

No problem. Enjoy :)

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