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Fun At Sunset Beach Resort In Samal

Nothing beats an unplanned trip more than anything else in the world.

After a venti cup of frappes at 2 am, my BFF's Karen, Kim and I decided to go to Samal --- Yes, thanks to the 24-hour Samal Ferry Services.

Travel Time and Fare

At Sasa Ferry Terminal, we paid 10 pesos for the terminal fee and made ourselves comfortable at the deck of the Ferry and waited for around 15 minutes to arrive in Samal Terminal.

Sunset Beach Resort is a 10 minute tricycle ride from Samal terminal. At daytime, fare is just around 10 pesos per person but since it was 3am, we were asked to pay 20 pesos each.

Upon arrival at Sunset Beach Resort, I witnessed a lively crowd and a pool of tents lying around. Party songs played, booze all around and nocturnal beings having fun. It was also pretty evident that there was a Bikini contest early on.

I remember being told by a friend that Sunset Beach Park in Samal is a lively beach resort especially during weekends, and she was right. Even at 3am, the party vibe never stops!

So we bought some drinks and snacks (stores are open 24 hours) and positioned ourselves in the shady part of the resort away from the lively crowd. We dipped our feet on the water and it’s surprisingly warm. Cold breeze plus warm water --- just perfect!

We were wide awake till dawn, lying on the sand and just talked about American Series, Anime, powers, etc. It was a non sense conversation but truly worthwhile.

I was also amazed to witness the Sunrise! Sun rising on the right side and witnessing the Moon setting on the left part of the sky. Magical! ♥

Water Sports:

  • Jet ski rental – 3,500 pesos per hour or 2,500 pesos for half an hour
  • Banana boat rental – 300 pesos per person (minimum of 5 persons) for 15 minutes.
  • Jet ski rental contact number - 0942-399-8853
Entrance Fee Rates:
·         1 - 4 Years old = Free of charge
·         5-10 Years old = 10 pesos
·         11 years above = 25 pesos day tour and 35 pesos for overnight.

Soft drinks and liquor
·         1 case soft drinks – 50 pesos
·         1 Bottle of Soft Drinks – 10 pesos
·         1 case SMB or SML – 50 pesos
·         Long neck – 20 pesos per 500ml

Accommodation And Cottages:
·         Open Cottage = 250 pesos per day or 300 pesos per night
·         Small Closed Cottage = 800 pesos per night (with ceiling fan)
·         Duplex = 1,500Php per night (airconditioned)

Getting a cottage is optional and you can just bring along with you your tent or lying down on the sand til dawn would be a better idea.

Photos above are from their Facebook Fan Page.


Jonas Labagala said...

I miss Samal already! I wanna feel the white sand in my feet again!

But nothing to worry as I'll hit the beach for the next few weeks! :D

Irene Angel said...

This is one place I wanted to visit. I've been to Davao but never been to Samal. I see beautiful pictures of this place, too.

andy4pinoy said...

Such an amazing natural treasue of samal. I love to travel and savor the beautiful scenery of untouch unspoiled nature.

How I wish I could get here and see the beautiful sunset up close and personal

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