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Cebu To Bohol Ferry Experience

My travel buddy Essa and I arrived in Cebu from Davao in the morning. From the airport, we immediately headed towards Weesam's ticketing office to buy a ticket from Cebu bound to Bohol.

We sailed in the afternoon and the travel took one and a half hour with episodes of heavy waves that would cause a “biyahilo” traveler in trouble

My stay in Bohol took about 5 days and that was enough for me to appreciate its treasures.

My escapade stories in Bohol:

Location of Weesam's ticketing Office:

Weesam Express, Pier 4, beside former Water Jet Terminal. Telephone: +63 32 412-9562 +63 32 231 7737. E-mail: cebu@weesamexpress.com

Schedule and Fare:

Please see fast ferry schedules and fare price here

What I Love About Bohol:
Bohol is a city where you can find almost anything a tourist would enjoy. There are exotic foods (try Swaki - Sea urchin roe), outland adventures (check Danao), preserved nature and wildlife, well-designed old churches, pristine beaches, and hospitable residents. What else can I ask for?

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Kai Grafia said...

Nice sis! But I actually dont like travelling via bus or sea so I guess I wont enjoy a sea trip. HAhaha!

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