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Samal Ferry Services Now Operating 24 Hours!

Buti pa ang biglaang lakad natutuloy, ang planado hindi

Unexpected excursions are always memorable and enjoyable. This holds true for my weekend adventure with my friends where the fun started in a much unexpected time of the day, here’s why:

After the last full show of Iron Man 3, we relaxed for a while with a cup of coffee at around 12 am but since the coffee shop that we were in closes at 2am, we decided to go to Samal, WAIT!!! At 2 am in the morning???

Yes! Sasa Ferry terminal going to Samal now operates 24 hours!

Transfer Schedule goes like this:

When we got there, we paid 10 pesos for the terminal fee and made ourselves comfortable at the deck of the Ferry. While waiting for it to arrive in Samal, we took pictures around and had fun. Incessantly, we headed to Sunset Beach Resort, Samal.


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