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Explore Hong Kong Ocean Park In 1 Day

Hong Kong is not an English speaking country, even so, you will never get lost in that country because the MTR station route is not hard to understand. For a smooth travel, do your research in advance, or you'll end up making frequent halts just to ask questions.

Explore Hongkong Disneyland In 1 Day

Some say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, and who would not want to be happy?

Day 1 in Hong Kong - Davao to Manila to HK

January 23, 2011

So this was the trip that made me a travel enthusiast. Went out of the country with my good friend Essa without a tour guide. Yes, it was a big risk since the Quirino Grand Stand hostage crisis was fresh and the Chinese population were generally not happy about Filipinos that time.

So we carried on with the basic knowledge we got from the internet and random inputs from friends who were able to visit the peninsula. Positively, nothing can stop us from going there since we already paid the aircraft, arranged the meet up with our college friends currently living in Manila, and we just can't afford to disappoint ourselves from too much excitement for this trip. It was a 4 day getaway that I'll never ever forget...

1st day
6am - Davao To Manila
At Manila, we met our college friends Nina, Ruel, Princess and Lynette. We hanged-out at Mall Of Asia while waiting for our flight to Hongkong scheduled in the evening. It was fun because we rehashed good old college memories, mishaps and just laughed our ass out.