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Exploring The Beaches Of Bohol In 1 Day

One of my 5 days in Bohol was spent on the beaches of Bohol and considerably the most exciting part of this trip.

Dolphin Watching
Call time was 5:30 am at Alona beach to get a close encounter with the dolphins but unfortunately, we woke up late and didn't see these friendly creatures up close. Bummer!!!

However, we were still able to see them from afar.

And that didn't stop us from yelling out of excitement. Yeahhhhhh!!!

Balicasag Island
Balicasag Island is a favorite for those who came to explore the marine biodiversity.

Snorkeling Fee: 150Php (inclusive of snorkeling gears, fish feeding, boat and guide.)

Fish feeding: The exciting part was bringing bread under the water as fishes will come to you for a feast. That was truly enjoyable! :-)

Virgin Island
Virgin Island is my favorite among our island hopping destinations because of its serenity, pristine waters, powdery sand, and sandbars.

Failed jump shot!

You can see on our faces that we had so much fun :-)

Alona Beach, Panglao 

Our Island tour ended in Panglao which was more lively than the former islands we visited. So we stayed there and just relaxed.

"Always challenge yourself to do something you've never done before"

- I am not a fan of any food that's raw, but for the challenge I always impose to myself when I travel, I tried this local favorite in Virgin Island. ---- Fresh swaki a.k.a sea urchin roe. Surprisingly, I loved it!!!


Boat Tour: 400 Php each
Balicasag: 150Php each
Food: 200 Php
Total of 750 Pesos Only!

Bohol Island Tour Packages:

The beaches of Bohol are usually compared to Boracay because of its powdery sand and pristine beaches. The difference is, Panglao is more serene while Boracay is more lively.

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Wanderer Juan said...

Are the rates different for a solo traveler? Might go to Bohol solo next summer unless I find a companion to come with haha

Ganessa Archival said...

There might be a slight difference for a solo traveler. I suggest that you contact those Bohol Island tour companies and check if you can join along other tourists to save up. If you want company, you can always find one in couchsurfing.com Enjoy and have a safe trip :-)

Gil Camporazo said...

I live in Negros Occidental and I have been several times to Cebu which is very near to Bohol, but I have not gone to Bohol yet. I wish someday I could visit Bohol. I know there are wonderful beaches and summer resorts in Bohol to visit.

Mai Flores said...

I've been to Bohol twice but I always fail to try Dolphin watching, more so visit Balicasag, Hopefully, I get to have the same excitement when I do finally see my first Dolphin. :)

Franc Ramon said...

I also enjoyed my dolphin watching experience in Bohol though I just feel partly concerned how the dolphins seemed to be disturbed by the different boats following them.

Jonas Labagala said...

Waaah! I badly want to see a dolphin. You really had much fun and I literally laughed when I saw your failed jump shot! haha!

Robi Marapao said...

You're still fortunate to see some dolphins although they're from afar. And I couldn't agree with you more. Bohol beaches are as beautiful as Boracay. Others say, Panglao is more beautiful as it's not crowded yet. :)

papaleng said...

Dolphin watching, type ko yan. Alona Beach is comparable daw sa Boracay, how true is it?

joy said...

Bohol is truly a wonderful place to explore - I'm hoping we can go back there someday. The perks of traveling in a group include shared expenses that make the trip cheaper and more enjoyable! :) Can't believe you just paid P750 for that! :)

Karen said...

A day is not enough for me to explore the beaches of Bohol.

Sarah said...

wow! the place looks so stunning! i really want to visit there!

Travellifestyle Wowkwt said...

wow, so exciting to go there! i'd love to visit that place especially when i look their pictures ,feel envy,,can't wait to go there,,,,,,:)

working mama said...

dolphin watching is the best to do in bohol

Shie said...

Oh,I miss Bohol and those dolphins. I've yet to try sea urchins, do they taste like oyster?

Ganessa Archival said...

Hi Shie... no they don't taste the same. It is more similar to Dayok :-)

Athan of "ilovetansyong.com" said...

it seems that you really enjoyed BOHOL?

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Thank you explorer! --- Always challenge yourself to do something you have never done before. ♥