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Heritage Vigan - Expenses | Itinerary | Experience

On the 2nd day of our Ilocos trip, we headed towards Vigan City, the capital of Ilocos Sur and a UNESCO World Heritage site!!!

Laoag to Vigan would take 2 to 3 hours bus ride with some short stops picking up passengers on its way. Ordinary bus fare from Laoag to Vigan costs 100 pesos but requires additional 20 pesos for a Partas bus ride which is more comfortable than the former.

Day 1 - The Arrival
We arrived in Vigan at around 8 pm from Laoag and from the bus terminal, Jenny and I called a trike (paid 25 pesos) to take us to Hotel Salcedo de Vigan. At the hotel, we were given scented wet towelettes for refreshment purposes, orange juice, and the room key card.

We went out for a while to have dinner and tried a Kare-Kare bagnet at Tummy Talk restaurant (at the end corner of Calle Crisologo). It is very delicious and the bagoong was just perfectly sautéed to match the salty-sweet flavor of the bagnet Kare-Kare.

Day 2 - Touring Vigan By Calesa
First thing we did in the morning was a Vigan breakfast at Bistro Amarillo, and for the first time, I forgot my aversion to longganisa. Delizioso! After that energizing breakfast, we went to Calle Crisologo to take a morning walk and witness this famous road in daylight. From there, we also arranged a deal with a Calesa driver to tour us around the city.

Rent a kalesa! The deal was 150 PhP per hour but a friend told me that during their visit, they only paid 20 pesos per hour (but they are about 6 persons)... so try to haggle! The whole trip lasted for 3 hours.

Here are the places he showed us:

#1 Vigan Cathedral
Kunan ko sana ng litrato tong Vigan Cathedral alone... much to my surprise, ready na ang pose ni Jenny! lol "We all have that one friend!"

Vigan Cathedral was our first stop and right across it is an old spanish house themed McDonald's. Also, around the corner, you'll see plenty of Calesas.

More of this area:

#2 Vigan Bell Tower
Vigan Bell Tower is fronting Bantay Church and approximately a 10 minute Kalesa ride from Calle Crisologo.

More of Vigan Bell Tower:

#3 Padre Burgos House - National Museum
This is the ancestral house and birthplace of priest patriot Fr. Jose Burgos. Inside you'll see portraits of other known Ilocano leaders, antique furnitures, historic artifacts and a lot more.

More of this museum:

#4 Hidden Garden
Hidden Garden is a home of native plants and flowers which also cultivates the plant "Bonsai" variety. In addition, it has a restaurant inside and a refreshment area to enjoy a Dragon Fruit Shake.

More of Hidden Garden:

#5 Baluarte
Baluarte is a property owned by the present Ilocos Sur Governor, Luis Chavit Singson. Baluarte is an 80 hectares zoo where you can come and play with animals. 

More of Baluarte:
#6 Salcedo Market, Mercato Centrale
Vigan Empanada
Laoag to Vigan Bus = 120 Php
Hotel = 1,000 Php
Calesa Tour (150/hour which lasted 3 hours divided by 2 persons) = 225 Php
Meal = 100 Php
Total of 1,445 Php

Here is our Vigan trip itinerary:

Date/Time Itinerary Location Links Remarks

From Laoag - Travel & stay at Vigan Hotel Salcedo de Vigan - -
7am-2pm Day tour: Vigan Calle Crisologo - Colonial Houses - -
- - St. Paul's Cathedral - -
- - Vigan Bell Tower - -
- - Hidden Garden - Tried Dragon fruit shake
- - Palacio de Arzobispado - -
- - Burgos National Museum - -
- Baluarte - -
12 noon Food Trip Salcedo Market, Mercato Centrale - Specialty foods: Pinakbet, Bagnet, Longganisa, Okilas

Our itinerary ended at 2pm because we were following a tight schedule to fit our Baguio excursion within our planned 5 day trip starting from Pagudpud down to Manila.

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Breakfast At Bistro Amarillo

The early bird catches the worm!

Jen and I woke up early to start our Vigan city escapade but before that, we needed to take an energizing meal to keep us going throughout the day.

Breakfast At Bistro Amarillo
Bistro Amarillo is the in-house restaurant of Hotel Salcedo de Vigan (where we stayed) and part of our stay here, breakfast comes for free.

Macau: A Day At The Sin City Of Asia

Macau is the Sin City of Asia or also viewed as the little Las Vegas! For tourists who are up for some gambling, delicious egg tarts, city lights, and Portuguese structures, this place should not be missed.

Ilocos Norte Tour - 1 Day Itinerary | Expenses | Tips

This was a special date with my best friend Jenny to one of the most beautiful regions in the Philippines. I am talking about the Ilocos Norte region - Laoag and Pagudpud.

Actually, this is the start of my 4D3N Pagudpud-Laoag-Vigan-BaguioTrip a la "Amazing Race". Below are helpful tips and itinerary for my Ilocos Norte trip. Enjoy!

Sinking Bell Tower
How To Explore Ilocos In 1 Day?
Jen and I were able to visit almost everything Ilocos has to offer in just 1 day, thanks to Kuya Glenn's car service. The rate may have a big difference against a tricycle tour but visiting many places in 1 day requires comfort, safety, and time management for you to enjoy the whole trip.

You can check the places we have visited in our Ilocos Norte trip for 1 Day here.

The driver also helped us budget our time, personal "taga-bantay" of our things and the best of all, served as our photographer :-)

Where To Stay?
I contacted Kuya Glenn (car service owner) and asked him where the best place to stay for the night is. He offers affordable home-stay for travelers. Unfortunately, it was fully booked at our time of arrival so he just suggested UKL hotel (good for two - 500 pesos for 12 hours). The hotel is fully air-conditioned, with hot and cold shower, Cable LCD/TV, Wifi access, and 24 hour security service. A very decent place to stay for thrifty travelers.

My good friend Joni were able to try Kuya Glenn's homestay and shared positive feedback about it. He also stressed that Kuya Glenn was such a great photographer ;)

Free Shuttle Ride!
Who said that only Macau offers free shuttle rides to tourists? Hmmm... not at all. At Laoag airport, we were informed that there’s a free shuttle for visitors that will take them to the city proper. Unfortunately, Jen and I were left behind because we waited at the airport a little longer for our car service owner's text reply.

UKL hotel (500 Php/12 hours divided by 2) = 250 Php
Car service (3,000 Php divided by 3 persons) = 1,000 Php
Miscellaneous (entrance fee and meals) = 300 php
Bus to Vigan = 120 Php
Total of 1,670 Php!

Laoag and Pagudpud are places with so much to offer to explorers. I enjoyed my stay because of its scenic views, friendly people, affordable purchases, and delicious foods.

Laoag to Pagudpud 1 Day Itinerary:

Date/Time Itinerary Location Remarks
8 am
(Day tour Laoag)

St. William Cathedral Note: Need a car to reach these places in 1 day 3,000 pesos (Glenn-09399237068) or (Manong Sely - 09325049138)
8:30 am
Laoag Sinking Bell Tower -
9 am - Fort Ilocandia Hotel & Resort Batac, Ilocos Norte
10 am - La Paz Sand Dunes -Sand boarding
10:30 am
Paoay Lake -
11 am - Paoay Church Bell Tower
Try Pinakbet Pizza at Herencia cafe
Marcos Avenue, Paoay, Ilocos Norte
11:30 am
Museo Ilocos Norte-50 entrance fee 20 pesos if w.student i.d
Marcos Mansion Batac, Ilocos Norte
12:30 pm - Malacanyang ti amianan (Malacanang of the north) 30 entrance fee
12:30 pm - 2pm
Travel from Laoag to Pagudpud and Lunch
2 pm - Cape Bojeador
3pm - Patapat Viaduct
4pm - Bangui Windmills
4 pm - 5:30 pm - Travel Pagudpud to Laoag Bus Terminal -
5:30 pm onwards - Travel to Vigan -