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Smash Project One More Time!

Smash Project is back on its 2nd instalment this year featuring a new batch of pop-punk/alternative rock bands to be held at the MOA Arena on March 2013.

This made me remember my one night of rock music experience last year at Araneta Coliseum along with my good friend Melivea.

The Used \m/

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Guilty Pleasure!

“Forget love, I’d rather fall in Reese’s peanut butter cups” - Sounds so "forever alone" but this gave me a good laugh when my friend texted me this.

Women crave foods due to unwanted stimuli and our emotional state, rather than satisfying hunger. There are times we feel anxious, hurt, stressed, or depressed and the only thing that can rescue us from these feelings is our favourite food! So, one way of explaining cravings is self-medication for feeling miserable. As for me, Reese’s is my maintenance drug.

I believe it’s important to indulge once in a while and for me this usually involves Reese's peanut butter cups. 
Credits to Reese's for this photo

Chatime Davao At SM Lanang Premier

No one should feel lonely and hot during Christmas season, thank goodness!!! Chatime is now open at the biggest shopping mall in Mindanao - SM Lanang Premier. Ready to make this season more refreshing and.... COLDER!

I was curious of their milk tea selection especially when I saw their other branch in Hong Kong 2 years ago (when milk teas are not yet popular here!). However, I was not able to try it because it's not a good match for that time's chilly 13 degrees weather - bought Starbucks' caramel macchiato instead. And so, I just hankered!

Their Top 10 Bestsellers:
  1. Pearl milk tea
  2. Chocolate mousse
  3. Chatime roasted milk tea
  4. Red bean milk tea
  5. Taro milk tea
  6. QQ milk tea
  7. Grass jelly milk tea
  8. Yogurt Lychee QQ
  9. Banana milk tea
  10. Mango milk tea
Need to pay 15 pesos for the toppings! Toppings are pearl, grass jelly and pudding.

Upon strolling around SM Lanang last Wednesday, I was surprised to see their stall at the main atrium thus I immediately dragged my two friends Elmer and Essa to try it as well.

Elmer tried Kumquat lemon juice, Essa - Chocolate mousse, and I ordered Taro milk tea. After a few sip, we all agreed to one word - Delicious!!! 

My taro milk tea is sweet but not over the top. It has taro bits which makes it more enjoyable.

Chatime Menu
Chatime is not exclusively serving milk teas. They also have smoothies, healthy juices, oriental pop teas, coffee and hot drinks. 

It is a great match for my all time favorite milk tea store - Gong Cha Philippines.

Location: At the main atrium of SM Lanang Premier beside The French Baker, below Starbucks'.
Price range: 80 pesos and up.

Baguio: Exploring It On Our Own

August 11, 2012

Pagudpud - conquered!
Laoag - check!
Vigan - enjoyed!

Jenny and I are now on our final stop! It was a 5-hour bus ride from Vigan City, and upon setting our feet in Baguio, the weather was not so friendly. In fact, Baguio City that time was just recovering from the aftermath of the Habagat which flooded Metro Manila and caused some landslides in Baguio.

It was a big risk for us to go there considering the steep and slippery roads we'll take, heavy rains, and the possibility of being stuck in the city if ever a landslide strikes another main road. However, nothing can stop a traveler who is hungry for new experiences.

Here's the places we visited in order:

Burnham Park
From our hotel (Hotel Henrico), we walked our way to Burnham Park and had a morning bicycling and boating (100 Php/hour).

Yes! I don't know how to bike that's why I chose a "wheel chair" type bicycle. LOL We also enjoyed the boat experience.

Lourdes Groto
From Burham Park, we walked through a public market and asked around on where we can find the terminal of Jeepneys heading to Lourdes Groto. When we arrived, we bought some candles and climbed the stairs to offer our prayers. After that, we rode a taxi going to Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden

The garden is not at its best condition because it was affected by the Habagat.

Meet our 9 year-old Botanical Garden tour guide.
(Package inclusion: 5 pesos per location + 5 shots) batang negosyante hahaha!

We also took our lunch there and sashayed to Wright Park.
Wright Park
1 hour horseback riding causes butt-sore! lol Horseback riding (300 pesos for the horse and 150 for the assistant)

Mines View Park
This Park is full of entertainment as you can ride a pink-colored hair horse, fit in some Ifugao costumes, and shop for some Baguio souvenirs.
Good Shepherd Baguio
Good Shepherd Baguio is just a walk distance from Mines View Park.

Camp John Hay
From Good Shepherd, we rode a taxi to get us to Camp John Hay. From there, we relaxed and ate our strawberries bought from Mines View Park.

Baguio Cathedral
From Camp John Hay, we rode a taxi to get us to this cathedral. It was a nice destination to end our day to thank God for the blessings and safety.

Just few walks from Baguio Cathedral and we arrived in SM Bagui where we took our dinner.

SM Baguio
I was taken aback after knowing that SM Baguio is using the natural coldness of the city to ventilate its shoppers.

The Dare!
After seeing me covered with layered clothes upon waking up, Jenny keeps on teasing me about having a low tolerance to low temperature. So, I dare her to wear less clothes while staying at SM Baguio’s foggy open area.

And she got flu after!

We chose taxi as our means to reach these places because it's affordable compared to cabs running around any cities in the Philippines. That is due to Baguio's natural cold temperature, without needing air-condition.

Day 3 Baguio is over, the next morning is was spent for pasalubongs and other purchases.

Hotel for 2 nights = 1,200 Php
Horseback Riding = 450 Php
Miscellaneous (meals, taxi, and other purchases)= 300 Php
Pasalubongs = 1,000 Php
Total of 2,950 Php!

Here is our Baguio City itinerary:

Date/Time Itinerary Location Links Remarks
6am-8pm Day tour: Baguio Burnham Park - Bicycles (40 Php/hr) and boating (100 Php/hr)!
- - Lourdes Grotto - -
- - Botanical Garden - -
- - Wright Park - Horseback riding (300 pesos for the horse and 150 for the assistant)
- - Mansion House - -
- - Mines View Park - - Picture taking with a St.Bernard dog, Ifugao costume, and bought pasalubongs!
- - Good Shepherd Convent - -
- Camp John Hay - -
- - Baguio Cathedral and SM Baguio - -

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