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Rophe's Chicken Davao Experience

Decent and comfortable dining place doesn’t always come with pricey food on their menu and I can prove that with my experience at Rophe’s Chicken Davao.

Based on my research, Rophe  is a Hebrew term that means "to heal" --- implies spiritual, emotional as well as physical healing. Hmm... that made me feel secure by the sound of it.

Rophe's Chicken Davao
I sensed a Christian atmosphere around the place as there are some religious figurines on the tables. I must say, that was a good reminder for their patrons to pray before eating :-)

Rophe's Chicken Salisbury Steak
I ordered Salisbury steak with mixed vegetables and oriental rice (99 php). I liked the oriental rice but the Salisbury steak was just a "so-so". Not bad for a 99-peso meal.
Rophe's Chicken Baby Back Ribs
My friend ordered a Baby Back Ribs with buttered vegetables in their so-called "Hawaiian Sauce" and oriental rice (99 php). We also ordered Chopsuey which is great-tasting because of the splotch of butter in every spoonful. 

Rophe's Chicken Mango Crepe

Rophe's Chicken Davao Menu

 Conclusively, it is a relaxing place that’s right on a budget which is great for dates, friends, and family. Great interior and lighting.

Price Range: 75 pesos and up
Location: Tiongko Street, 8000 Davao City (082) 282 4138 / 09228810682

Like A Child Again At Malagos Garden Resort

Malagos Garden Resort is not new to the locals of Davao City as most of the school educational field trips happen there. In fact, it is not only a great place for kids but for adults as well as it will make you feel young again.

Paperkite on their butterfly sanctuary

Clawdaddy Mississippi Mud Pie Experience

I remember asking someone before about what he would prefer between the two – “friends or food?” Not surprised, he answered FOOD!

I thought he was right for the reason that food is a part of the basic needs of humans, be that as it may he explained, FOOD brings people together forming friendships and relationships.

I reckon I’ve applied that into my life... as I don't care if I spend a lot as long as it's for food. After a long time of not seeing my bff Ellen, delicious selections in Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic at SM Lanang Premier brought us together.

The Highlight!

Clawdaddy Mississippi Mud Pie

Cebu Chorizo VS Ilocos Longanisa

The more you hate, the more you love”...

– This holds true for my personal experience --- not about superfluous heartbreak stories here, but to my long time loathing turned casual craving to two local specialties from Cebu and Ilocos – their chorizo/longanisa (whatever you call that!).

Oslob: Fun Encounter With The Gentle Giants

Summer is always represented by beaches, waterfalls and any body of water... and that being said, I didn’t missed the opportunity to play under the sun and get wet. The most interesting part... is my encounter with the gentle giants of the sea, talking about the Butandings (whale sharks)!!!

Whale Watching