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The Waves In Amihan Sa Dahican

All of us have our own sweet escape. As for me, Amihan sa Dahican in Mati City is the place to be.

I've been there many times and still wanting to return. Why?
  • It is just a 3 to 4 hour ride from Davao City 
  • Ravenous beach waves 
  • Inexpensive traveller’s get away.

Mati City is just about 3 to 4 our ride depending on the mode of transportation you're using. According to my friend who lives there, Mati City is derived from the Mandayan word "Ma-ati" which refers to a local creek that easily dries up even after a heavy rain.

Activities To Enjoy:

Amihan sa Dahican is a haven for skim boarders because of its waves originating from the Pacific Ocean.

You could learn surfing in just an hour” ---  I didn't try it but according to my friend who went on board, he learned it in less than an hour and it was exhilarating.  He was taught by a professional surfer in a 400-peso hourly rate (inclusive of a surf board rental).

Activities we also enjoyed include beach volleyball, frisbee, and just playing with the waves.

Waves In Dahican

Waves in Dahican can transform from serene to chaotic, depending on the season. Waves are calmer and suitable for swimming during summer but becomes more uncompromising during rainy season, which is suitable for surfing. I once told by one of the resident surfers there that their surfing events usually start in August when the waves are its rage.

Summer Scene In Dahican:

Around August In Dahican:
Wave: Run Ruel, RUNNNNN!!!
Wave: Gotcha!
It was nice to play with the waves because Dahican has a sandy sea bed, not rocky --- so being slammed in a hard rock is unlikely. Moreover, waves could go about 10 feet long!
*Pardon me for the quality - the two photos above were taken 6 years ago.

Where To Sleep In Dahican?

Amihan sa Dahican is great for thrifty travelers as they don’t ask for entrance fees. Bringing a tent is always a great idea (no camping fee). Tent rental is also available there ranging from 150 to 300 pesos depending on the size of the tent (but might be unavailable on peak seasons).

If you want a more comfortable accommodation, you can try Botona Beach Resort which will only take a few walks from Amihan sa Dahican.

How To Get To Mati – Amihan Sa Dahican?

By Bus:
  • From Davao International Airport – Ride a bus with a sign of Mati City
  • Or you can go to Ecoland Terminal and look for a bus bound to Mati City, buses leave every hour.

Davao to Mati Bus Fare: 275 pesos

By Van:
Victoria Plaza or Gaisano Mall Terminal look for a Van bound for Mati City.

At Mati Terminal:
Hire a tricycle and pay 7 pesos each of you’re in a group. If you’re alone or less than 3 persons, try to haggle and fare should not go beyond 50 pesos each. Just tell the driver to drop you at Amihan sa Dahican.

Bus Fare Round Trip: 550 Php
Tricycle fare round trip: 14 Php
Toilet use: 5 Php
Food (morning til next morning): 200 Php
Total: 769 Php Only!

Credits to Karen for the high quality photos :-)


Janine Daquio said...

whoah! the wave.. the wave is so exciting!

Franc Ramon said...

Wow. Dahican can transfer as a calm place to swim to the extreme adventure place like surfing. This is a really nice beach.

Traveling Morion said...

OMG very interesting ang waves ng Mati! Thanks for sharing this very detailed post- will bookmark this

Pepper Tan said...

This is the first time I've heard of that place. Looks like a really awesome beach to escape to. I hope I could visit someday.

Raine Pal said...

I've been to this place when Dahican is not yet "DAHICAN". You know what I mean? Heehehehe...so calm and quiet. Wala pa maxadong mga turista.

Mich at Mich Eats and Shops said...

Didn't know that Davao also has a surfer's haven! :) I only know of Siargao and Zambales! Glad to learn about this! And you're right, the rates are all affordable :)

@TJ0blitz said...

definitely! truly awe-inspiring haven:)
great and sweet escape! nice one

Brian Dale Saligumba said...

1st visit - April.. and then on.. haha almost every month.. :) such a good place.. hope it stays the same..

Brian Dale Saligumba said...

1st visit - April.. and then on.. haha almost every month.. :) such a good place.. hope it stays the same..

Gana Explore said...

Hi Brian. I understand why you keep on coming back. I have made more than 5 visits already and still wanting to return. Yes, hope it stays the same.

chasingplaces said...

I can't remember how many times I told myself to surf. hahaha
Maybe it's because it's too lonely to go surfing alone.hehe. But well, tomorrow's never assured so have to try this asap - with or without travel buddies ^_^

Ganessa said...

OMG. Enjoy Jo, sa imo ko patudlo next time ha? :)

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