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Exploring The Nature Of Bohol

Bohol does not only offer beach and church wonders to people but nature as well. That alone impressed me a lot plus the hospitality of the the Bol-anons are exceptional.

Chocolate Hills
The images I always see on my "Sibika at Kultura" book is now right before my eyes and until now, I still can't believe that I was able to see these famous hills up close. Feels great! :-)

They really look like chocolate kisses but only wrapped in green.

Sagbayan Peak
Sagbayan Peak gave me the chance to see Chocolate Hills clearly.

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and a Dinosaur can also be found there.

We also took the advantage to taste their halo-halo :-)

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

I was able to explore the wildlife in Bohol at Canapnapan, Corella. I saw monkeys, flying lemurs, etc. There was also a booth wherein you can hold an iguana and a huge snake for 20 Php!!!

So I reminded myself of my favorite travel qoute: "Always challenge yourself to do something you've never done before" - NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'll never hold a snake nor touch them!!!

Man-Made Forest
This is the favorite of Rezile (our host) in Bohol. The view was spectacular.

Tall trees shadowing a highway gave me a sense that there's nothing like this in the Philippines.

We didn't stay long though because it was raining.

The Floating Restaurant

This is a favorite of mine as we were able to have a buffet lunch while exploring the Loboc river. There are also stops wherein you'll be entertained by young folk dancers.

Good food and entertainment is just a great combination.

Loboc Zipline
I didn't try it because I was a bit paranoid that time but according to my friends the Loboc river view from up there was breathtaking.

Oh I see!

See the Loboc zipline rates here.

"Always challenge yourself to do something you've never done before"

-So there's that challenge to myself again. I'm learning to hate my favorite quote now hahahaha kidding! Since I can't stand holding or touching a snake and try Zipline, I rather challenged myself to have a picture with the BIGGEST PYTHON IN THE PHILIPPINES (In captive) - meet Prony!!!

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