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Quick Weekend Getaway At Villa Amparo In Samal

Summer is always relative to fun, sun and beach. As for us, a weekend in Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort - Samal was a bomb!

All activities are always fun when you're with your closest friends --- from swimming, eating, playing pinoy henyo, card games, to just sitting around and talk about anything.

Below are the things I enjoyed in Villa Amparo.
The way to the beach.

Abundant loungers

Need to pay 150 pesos per person to use that rubber playground. 

300 pesos for tent rental and the classy Balinese kiosk from behind.

Other accommodation options!

At the resort, we payed 200 pesos each for an overnight stay, but we also have 2 companions who preferred the day tour, and they paid 100 each. Entrance fee is not inclusive of the cottages.

Woke up at around 2am because most of my barkada are wide awake. In all fairness, d sila tipid sa kuryente. The lights were on until sunrise.

Other activities to enjoy include:
Water sports, snorkeling, kayaking, kid's sand box, billiard hall/darts, Spa (upon special arrangement), fishing, videoke, grill area, and many more.

Ferry Davao-Samal = 20 Php (roundtrip)
Samal terminal to Villa Amparo = 140 Php (roundtrip)
Entrance fee = 200 Php (overnight)
Tent (300 Php divided by 6 persons) = 50 Php
Food = 200
Total =  610 Pesos Only!!!

Amenities And Rates:
Please check their rates directly from Villa Amparo Website.

Meal services start at 7am to 9pm. 

How to get there?
Villa Amparo is located in Camudmud, Samal. From Davao City, we hopped in a ferry at Sasa Ferry Terminal (paid 10 pesos for the fare). When we arrived in Samal,  the resort’s L300 van waited for us. We payed 70 pesos each (one way) since we are 8 on board.

If  no reservation, a deal with tricycle drivers in the terminal (fare is around 50 pesos per head) can be done. It was a rough 30-minute ride but nevertheless bearable because the van we were in is spacious and air-conditioned.

Tip: Ask the resorts staff if they have available transportation back to the terminal in advance as the location of the resort is remote and public transportation is not always available.

Sometimes you just need your friends to call a day fun - a good place is a plus, and Villa Amparo was a great choice.

The place captures the serene air of nature, but sometimes beauty comes with a price - the use of the rubber playground, cosy cottages, and the corkage. However, all of the amenities were set in a reasonable price. My only problem is the beach, it's itchy especially in the morning.

Great service, safe place, and beautiful surrounding --- a fresh get-away for family and friends.

Contact: (+63)(82) 284 0692 / (+63) 922 8806977 / (+63) 999 8800225)

Credits to Melivea and Chenee for the pictures.

Don Beppe Ristorante Italiano - Davao's Favorite!

When you say delicious Italian Food in Davao that's worth your riches, Don Beppe always pop in my mind because of their wide range Italian Food selection. The place is accessible because it is located at Gaisano Mall's The Peak -- 2nd level. Cosy ambience but has a welcoming feeling.

Complimentary bread sticks with tomato ragu

Grub Resto Cafe Davao

My first visit to this place was because of a group deal purchased by my friend online. Money saved! Grin* The place is small but clean and cosy, furthermore, there are a lot of scrumptious options on their menu.

Grubs’ Spaghetti Meatballs

Barrio Bistro Davao - Go Mejicano!

The most affordable pizza in town! Yes, you heard me right. They are offering "buy 1 take 1" family-sized pizza and this is not a promo, which means you'll get the perks of it all-year round.

Here's how it works: while choosing 2 pizza, you'll only have to pay the pizza with a higher price (Not more than 400 php each). It's like the other pizza comes for free!

Barrio Pizza
Barrio Pizza

Swiss Deli Davao

The first thing you’ll see upon entering is like a mini grocery of Swiss goods - chocolates, breads, biscuits, dressed turkeys, etc. The dining hall is comfy and well ventilated. Also, I saw a lot of foreigners having their meals and booze.


La Toscana Davao Experience

I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this restaurant in the blogosphere, that's why I opted to have a friendly dinner date here with my friend, and they're right. Now, it's my turn to make a good blumber about this place.

La Toscana Davao

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