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Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots In 1 Day

Ilocos Norte is not just a region, it is a home --- home of clever country leaders, extraordinary landmarks, rich culture, natural resources, well-preserved colonial structures, and the list goes on.

Check my Ilocos 1 Day itinerary below which is arranged in order of visit.

St. William's Cathedral
This is the first stop of our Laoag trip and that was great as we were able to drop some thanksgiving and petition for a safe trip.

Few walks from this church and we arrived in the Sinking Bell Tower.

Sinking Bell Tower

Its title was coined from the belief that this tower built by the Augustinians in 1612 is slowly sinking.

The entrance of this tower is believed to accommodate the entrance of a man riding a horse without bowing but currently, one should bend down to go in.

Fort Ilocandia
I was taken aback upon entering the lobby as the chandelier immediately caught my inquisitive eyes - flabbergasted. They allow tourists to steer around the area and the landscape renders speechless on my end.

This is obviously a luxurious destination I look forward staying into as this is not your typical tall-structured hotel.

This is the one and only 5-star hotel – golf and country club in northern Ilocos with a 2-kilometer sandy beach. 

For more information about Fort Ilocandia, please visit their website.

Paoay Lake
This is known as the mystic river of the north because of its linkage to an urban legend telling that it was once a village sunk in the water due to its inhabitant’s wickedness.

Despite of the gruesome story behind this lake, it gave me a sense of calmness. The story might be the reason why the lake has no bystanders despite of its beauty. 

Paoay Church
St. Augustine Church in Paoay must be one of the most popular landmarks of Ilocos Norte. 

Why? because of its distinctive huge buttresses on the side and back of the structure, needless to say of its grotesqueness, extravagance, complexity, and flamboyance.

Fronting the church is the famous Herencia Cafe that serves scrumptious “Pinakbet” Pizza.

Museo de Bacarra
Also known as Museo Ilocos Norte (50 pesos entrance fee). Tourists often neglect visiting this museum however, I personally recommend visiting museums because there you will start to know the culture and people of the city.

In as much as the people of Ilocos Norte are clannish and traditional, they always come back to the ancestral house. Whether of bamboo, wood, or brick, the house is a treasure chest of heirlooms and memories.

Marcos Mansion
This is one of the main properties of one of the most influential leaders in the World, Former President Ferdinand Marcos.

There we found some memorabilia of the Marcos family including some paintings, gowns of the former first lady Imelda Marcos and many more.

Adjacent to the mansion is the mausoleum of the late president’s remains. Picture taking is not allowed inside.

Malacanang Of The North
Also known as Malacanang ti Amianan where you will witness the not-so-distant past substantiation of the late president Marcos’ power (30 pesos entrance fee).

Lavish interior and splendid furniture can be seen inside the abode. It is fronting the mystical Paoay Lake which made it more a copious residence to live in.

Burgos Lighthouse
Also known as the Burgos lighthouse built on a Hill overlooking the picturesque Cape Bojeador where early galleons during the Spanish Colonization used to sail by.

This is one of my favourite places during the whole trip as it gives me off a sense of inscrutability that’s cunning. 

The breezy part up there overlooking lush greeneries and scenic blue waters on the other side was stunning.

Patapat Viaduct
Patapat viaduct is an impressive, well-designed bridge located on the side of a mountain overlooking West Philippines Sea.

Along the viaduct we saw waterfalls pouring its way to the sea, and a few more walks we found stores selling local products.

Bangui Windmills
Last but not the least of my 1 day Ilocos Norte tour is the Bangui Windmills, probably one of the most photographed scenes in Ilocos because of its gigantic wind turbines.

As for me, they are much more like giant Gods and Goddesses facing the sea. It was breezy and everything is just magnificent.

Conclusively, one day is not enough to explore everything Ilocos has to offer. I regret not being able to visit the Kaibigan Falls, Kapurpurawan rock formation, Saud beach, and many more. However, visiting those places mentioned above was more than enough. What else could I ask for with just 1 day?

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Franc said...

I wanna see the windmills and visit ilocos norte.

Yhen Barron said...

I want to see those windmills someday. :(

Janine Daquio said...

We had our Ilocos trip when I was first yr college. I agree with you that it has rich culture and a lot of placs to go. Well I just hoped to get closer to the Bangui Mills but we just take a sight and take a pic. Sad. :(

sef tiburcio said...

i really admire your photography, i'll be going there soon.:))

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I will visit those places someday. Just you wait hahaha. Thanks for this post. I am very inspired to travel soon.

papaleng said...

Certainly, a must-see places for visitors. Since my mom comes from Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, I've seen them all. My cousins even teased me na sa kabila raw ng Bangui Windmills is Taiwan na.

Traveling Morion said...

Wow full packed list! I will bookmark this- very helpful sa sunod ko na north luzon trip :)

JP Suba said...

Aside from the wind mills, it is noticeable that the heritage is one of the many reasons why people tour Ilocos. Take that BEACHES! lol

Sarah said...

I've always wanted to visit Ilocos. We have a lot of distant relatives there.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

i would love to visit the marcos mansion! i have some frends and relatives there I should make a tour

lovemindanao said...

Ilocos is one of the great places id been in the Philippines and its great cultural heritage did amazed me esp the churches . I love Ilocanos .

miguel said...

A really beautiful place for a one of a kind adventure...

Raine Pal said...

Truly remarkable experience you have there at MARCOS MANSION.

Justin Buenagua said...

I always wanted to visit Ilocos and go the place where Himala was shot.. it was just so awesome!

Joseph Holguin said...

My first visit in Ilocos Region was 14 years ago. We visited some of the popular tourist spot listed here like the Malacanang of the North and Fort Ilocandia. However there are still some that I wasn't able to visit that time like the churches and the windmill that I really want to see.

Wanderer Juan said...

Great list of places to visit way up north in Ilocos. The place is teeming with culture and beautiful places to visit.

♣ lily ♣ said...

It is in my "to visit" list. The place is really a must-see one. I am just quite unsure when I'll be able to go there. :S

Ron Leyba said...

Paoay Lake and Bangui Windmills is the most eye catching for me. Looks awesome!

Sumi Go said...

I haven't visited Ilocos Norte yet, but I'll definitely make your post a reference to my itinerary! Thanks ;)

chasingplaces said...

Nakakamiss ang Ilocos! Too bad we left our camera at Glen's place on the 2nd day. Kaya phone's cam ang gamit sa pagpicture ng Bangui windmills, Cape Bojeador, etc.hehe.

Ganessa said...

Sayang Jo, pero at least may remembrance :)

divina said...

this is our 1st time to go to Ilocos..my husband,me and my daughter wants to go there by car. Can you help us find a place to stay to sleep... and what could you suggest for our trip. thanks.

Ganessa said...

Hi Divina. I suggest UKL hotel or Kuya Glenn's homestay. My full Ilocos itinerary is here http://www.ganaexplore.com/2012/12/davao-to-laoag-pagudpud-itinerary.html Enjoy your trip :)

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