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4D3N Pagudpud-Laoag-Vigan-Baguio Itinerary And Expenses

Most of us are tied up to our daily responsibilities at work and travelling seems not viable, but when my 5 days leave was granted, I made the most out of it by visiting not only 1, not 2, and certainly not 3... but 4 cities in the Philippines - talking about Pagudpud, Laoag, Vigan and Baguio.

Here’s my 4 days 3 nights itinerary:

Day 1 (Pagudpud to Laoag)
My trip started by taking the last flight from Manila going to Laoag and when we arrived, we stayed at UKL hotel for the night. At 8am, Jenny and I made ourselves ready and waited for our car service.

Car service could be pricey (around 3,000 Php per group) but I had no choice. Visiting many places in 1 day requires comfort, time-management, and safety. Tricycle tour could be enjoyable but this option is not ideal to see the best of Ilocos in one day.

See my complete Laoag to Pagudpud 1 day itinerary here.

Here is also the Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots we have checked.

Our Day 1 ended at around 5pm as we headed towards Laoag terminal to take a bus going to Vigan. The fare is around 120 Php (air-conditioned Partas Bus) and the travel lasted 2 to 3 hours. When we arrived at Vigan, we took a trike and paid 25 pesos to bring us to our hotel. From there, we called it a night to prepare ourselves for our Day 2 – Vigan Tour.

Day 1 Expenses:
UKL hotel (500 Php/12 hours divided by 2) = 250 Php
Car service (3,000 Php divided by 3 persons) = 1,000 Php
Miscellaneous (entrance fee and meals) = 300 php
Bus to Vigan = 120 Php
Total of 1,670 Php!

Day 2 (Vigan)
The second day of our trip started with a hearty breakfast at Bistro Amarillo which is the resident restaurant of our hotel, Hotel Salcedo de Vigan.

There are a lot of cheap hotels in Vigan and if you are in a budget, you can try searching for other hotels in Vigan by using trivago.

Along Calle Crisologo, we made arrangements with a Calesa driver to tour us around the city and was settled in 150 Php per hour.

You can check the tourist spots in Vigan that we have visited on the link.

The tour lasted for 3 hours and we went back to our hotel at around 12 noon to prepare for our next destination. As we advanced to Baguio, we were able to enjoy the smooth and scenic travel for about 5 to 6 hours (bus fare costs 294 Php – Partas Bus air-con).

Upon arriving in Baguio at around 5pm, we asked around the terminal about how we can get to our prospected hotel – Highland Villa, as suggested by our friend who went there.

Surprisingly, the usher of the information desk insisted that the hotel doesn't exist. Instead, we were encouraged to stay at Hotel Henrico in Kisad. The pictures they showed us were pretty deceiving and only costs 1,200 Php. Left with no choice, we stayed in that hotel that I personally would not recommend (the room doesn't smell good and their water is rusty - tourist trap alert!).

Day 2 Expenses:
Vigan Hotel = 1,000 Php
Calesa Tour (150/hour which lasted 3 hours divided by 2 persons) = 225 Php
Bus from Vigan to Baguio = 294
Meal = 100 Php
Total of 1,619 Php!

Day 3 (Baguio)
So our 3rd day started with a free breakfast from the hotel and after that, I asked some help from the person in-charge of the hotel lobby. 

I showed him the places I wanted to visit and he helped me arrange my itinerary from where I should go first, the must-try’s, transportation to use, and many more.

From our hotel, we walked our way to Burnham Park and so on.

You can check our Baguio itinerary here.

Day 3 Expenses:
Hotel for 1 night = 600 Php
Horseback Riding = 450 Php
Miscellaneous (meals, taxi, and other purchases)= 300 Php
Total of 1,350 Php!

Day 4 (Baguio)

Our second day in Baguio was planned to make it just blithe. Jenny and I decided to go to Baguio’s public market to buy some pasalubongs.

While walking around the market, we asked some vendors on where we can buy this and that. I was carrying a little backpack with me and to my surprise, a woman chased me just to warn me too keep my bag safe as there are a lot of thieves around the market. I was grateful of her concern and without hesitation, I carried my backpack reversed on my stomach.

So I bought my pasalubongs there which comprises of strawberries, t-shirts, rugs, key chains, ref magnets, wines, strawberry jams, and so on. 

Day 4 Expenses:
Bus from Baguio to Manila = 715 Php
Overnight stay = 600 Php
Total of 1,315 Php!

After lunch, we are in the bus heading to Manila and that ends there.

Total Expenses:
Airfare Promo (Manila to Laoag) = 500 Php
Day 1 (Pagudpud to Laoag) = 1,670 Php
Day 2 (Vigan) = 1,619 Php
Day 3 (Baguio) = 1,350 Php
Day 4 (Baguio) = 1,315 Php
Total of 6,454 Pesos Only!

Well, who would've thought that 4 days and 3 nights is enough to see the best of these cities?

P.S: You could reduce the total expenses I have shown above if you leave out the pasalubongs, car service and expensive hotels. I'm sure there are a lot of affordable hotels out there. The point is, traveling is not that expensive as what others think if you just know how to budget.

As for me, I am just a newbie to budget travelling and it will be my goal to present lesser expenses on my next travel stories.

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Yhen Barron said...

OMG. you're great in budgeting. love the windmills. hope I could go and see them soon.

anyway, i love your blog. full of information. great source of info for those who are having/planning DIY trips. :)

Franc Ramon said...

This is very rich heritage tour and probably a very tiring one but I guess it's worth it seeing all the attractions of the north at P7,654. Great budgeting.

lovemindanao said...

I love Vigan coz of their heritage site and of course the food. The 7k total expenses is quite too much for me maybe i can resort to other route or the pasalubong thing will be left out from the itinerary.

Mai Flores said...

Wow! That was indeed a jampacked trip! I actually did the same thing last year, except that we didn't visit Baguio anymore. Although our time was limited, I still made sure to avail of the tricycle tours from every town so that we can still minimize costs. When my beau and I toured Laoag (day tour only), we only had to pay P600. :)

Wanderer Juan said...

It's amazing how you got to fit 4 cities in 5 days! That is a feat in itself. Good thing you didn't spend more than 2000 in each stop you made.

Marri Bermudez said...

Although you had only brief stays in three cities, I'm sure the experience was still a momentous one. Your photos are living proofs.

Lui B. said...

Wow. Great job Ganessa. Dream tour ko din yan. I hope I can bring my family to a two-day, jampacked trip as well. I'll definitely bookmark your page for future reference. Thanks for sharing

Francis Balgos said...

not bad, your 3rd day expenses is a bit excessive.
This trip would certainly burn holes in my packet.
Visiting 4 cities?? grabe! you must be exhausted, I can't really take the comfort of tour driver and vehicle with that. :)

markpogi said...

Wow Grabe, napagkasya mo yung 4 na lugar in 4 days. Baka ako siguro, kulang ang 2 linggo. ^_^

Traveling Morion said...

This post is very helpful! I am now fixing my north luzon travel and this will help- Thanks for sharing- by the way I am now following your travel adventures thru GFC :)

papaleng said...

your 4 days and 3 nights 4 city tour is worth the price. Guess, one can trim it down to say 5,500 pesos. You may not fully enjoyed what those cities could offer but still your trip is worth reminiscing.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

i want to go to baguio one day too! i guess this places is worth the money after all!

Shie said...

I miss Ilocos ;-) There so much to see there. We used the trike when we toured around Pagudpud coz we're only two and yeah its really uncomfortable and risky, actually we almost got into an accident bec of one irresponsible motorist.

Saranghae Korea said...

6500 pesos in 4 days tour is not bad at all. Thanks for giving us all idea about the pricing. NExt time we viit Pagudpud, Laog, Vigan and Baguio, we know how much money we need to prepare.

Kim Nieves said...

This is so cool... exploring the best of North with only 6,454 pesos!

Reuben Dongallo said...

I am inspired to try this itinerary! Thanks for this! :)

I just wonder if the prices are still applicable this 2014. Fingers crossed!

Ganessa said...

No problem. Enjoy! :)

Johaida said...

wow nice itinerary...

Ganessa said...

thanks :)

Ria said...

Hi, we are planning to go the places you've been visited this summer, I will just ask how many are you went to those places? and which is better, having a tour with a travel agency or a tour just what you did? Thanks

Ganessa said...

Hi Ria. I went there with my best friend. Do-it-yourself trips are much more interesting and enjoyable, but if you're with family or bigger groups or you have not enough time to plan ahead, a travel agency would be useful :)

angelseye said...

nice blog.. but i cant view the itinerary..?
saan ka ngGaling at wat tym ka umalis? etc etc.. thanks!

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