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The Cebu Taoist Temple - Taoism Procedures

So I went to the Queen City last weekend with my friends all the way from the City Of Durians for a quick weekend escapade. First stop is the Cebu Taoist Temple, which is located on the "hilly" part of Beverly Hills subdivision. The place can be reached by a private vehicle or a taxi (fare should be within 150-200 range – one way from SM).

From the entrance, you will have to go through about 50 to 60 steps to get into the prayer room. You are not allowed to do “jump shots”, take pictures of the saints inside the prayer room, produce loud noises, and wearing short pants inside the prayer area.

We took the advantage of going inside to pray and have our questions answered.

Here’s the right way to do the Taoism Procedures.
  1. 1Go to the nearest sink and wash your hands.
  2. 2Light the Joss Stick (incense), kneel down by holding the Joss Stick with both hands and pray for enlightenment of your questions to God.
  3. 3Move forward and plant the Joss Stick on its designated place.
  4. 4Hold two wooden blocks flat-side up with both hands.
  5. 5First, ask God whether he’s ready to accept enlightening your question in mind.
  6. 6Drop the wooden blocks gently to the floor and your answer will be according to its positions.
The Poor Traveller

If YES, pick up the wooden blocks holding them flat-side up again. Ask your question or wish and drop the wooden blocks gently to the floor and your answer will be according to its positions.
If NO, you can go back the next day and try again. You can also consult their temple attendant.
If MAYBE, make your question simpler and repeat steps # 4, 5 and 6.

After that, kneel again and offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

When I tried this, the answer was a NO. Oh well, this means that I might still be able to return to Cebu to try this again and hopefully I'll get a YES. :)

After taking the time to relax in this calm place, we headed towards Casa Verde Restaurant for a feast.

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Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Ahhhhh I always see people do this in movies or tv shows. Now I know the significance! hahaha I'd definitely visit the temple when I go to Cebu. :)

Ganessa Archival said...

Had the same reaction! :)

Franc Ramon said...

I was able to visit the place years ago though it was in bell church in Baguio that I tried the procedure like that and luckily the prediction didn't come true as the prediction was all efforts would go in vain and I was about to take the board exam. Good thing, I did pass.

jo-ann said...

I like this activity, it can enlighten my mind and my soul. I think I have to try this.

Ganessa Archival said...

But it's nice to know what this procedure is all about, right? It's also fun to try things that are not conventional to us. Anyway, congratulations for passing! :)

MaryJane Tauyan said...

wow i didn't know we have places like this back in philippines! would explore moe in the future when I get back! thanks for visiting my blog www.tauyanm.com dear!! Hope to see you more! x0x0 =)

Debarpan said...

The temple is really amzing,I must say that.You do have such beautiful places in philippines.

Jonas Labagala said...

I've tried the prayer room in Lon Wa Buddhist Temple. It was so amazing!
Nakapray na sad ko didto unya hulog sa wooden blocks. Yes dayon sa first try! :D

Ganessa Archival said...

Same lang pud ba ang significance sa Buddhism and Taoism? Arghh.. lucky you! Mine was a NO hahaha

Monica said...

Going to Cebu is one of the places that I need to go. :-) Thanks for sharing this will be glad if we experience going to this Temple.

Kero said...

aaaw that's a fun game of fate =)

I haven't been to Cebu my whole life and readign this, I now have 51 reasons to go. I hope and pray...soon.

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