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Bon Appetit! Le Bistro - French Restaurant In Davao

So I had a mini meet-up with my barkada for some weekend movie and good food. Gaisano Mall’s “The Peak” offers a lot of restaurants to choose from such as Wings and Dips, Zabadani, Cafe France, Don Beppe Ristorante Italiano, and many more.

At the 2nd level of “The Peak”, we saw this French restaurant -- Bon Appetit Le Bistro located in the corner of the area and so we decided to dine there for some tres dileceux French meal.


We were served with a complimentary wheat bread and a dip made of caviar, black olives and olive oil (Yeah, looks like ginamos - salted fermented fish!). My friends don’t like olives that much so I ended up munching it alone as I enjoyed its "salty to bland" taste.

For appetizers, they offer Savory Pies and Buckwheat Crepes both served with Mesclun Salad Mix, prices ranging from 225-250 pesos.

Salad Nicoise
Salad Nicoise (Mescun salad mix with tomato, boiled egg, tuna, black olives) P225. Good for 4 persons, and I can say that the vinegar used was a stand out!

Main Dishes
Fricassee de Gindara and Fricassee de Poulet
Me and my bff was in the mood for some soft and creamy meal. I ordered Fricassee de Gindara (Sliced butterfish fillet cooked with cream and mushroom) P275. My bff ordered Fricassee de Poulet (Sliced chicken fillet cooked with cream, herbs & mushroom) P275. They are much the same except for the meat used. The creamy taste is just right! My bff and I both loved this dish.

You will also have the option to be served with either Potato Gratin, Grilled Potatoes, French Beans, or Brown Garlic Rice.

They also offer Pasta, Grilled Angus, Grilled Australian Bone-in/Grilled US Premium Angus Ribeye Steak, Duck/Lamb meals, Homemade Cassoulet and Italian, Francfort or Hungarian Grilled Sausage.

"Les Embruns" 2009 - Muscadet Sevre et Maine
White wine is always a perfect match for a sea food just as red wine to red meat. Since I have a Gindara fish on my table, I ordered “Les Embruns” 2009 – Muscadet Sevre et Maine P750/Bottle.

They also offer Red/Pink wines, Champagne, Aperitifs (to stimulate appetite), and Liquors (Cognac Hennessy, Calvados Pere Claude and Whiskey Jack Daniels).

Tarte Fine et Glace Vanille
Apple Tart with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream P150. All of us enjoyed this because of its crusty tart with thin sliced apple that perfectly blends with vanilla ice cream.

They also serve Apple pies, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Pot Cream, Nutella Banana Crepe, Sorbets, Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Cream, Sugar and Grand-Marnier Crepe, Crepe with strawberry, apricot, and bluberry jam. A wide selection of sweets! ♥

Bon Appetit! Le Bistro Davao At The Peak
The place is undeniably clean, cozy and serene. Service fee --- 10% of total bill is projected.

To sum it all, it was a “Bon Appetit” dining experience.

Location: Gaisano Mall The Peak, 3rd level.
Price Range: 200 pesos and up!

Credits to my BFF's phone for the pictures. Thanks!


Franc Ramon said...

The place looks like an excellent place to chill which is what makes a good french restaurant. Bon Appetit!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

You know what they say... it's not a French restaurant if it doesn't serve wine! :)

Raine Pal said...

I love their food here..great chef also. I had a funny experience with their caviar, I thought it is "GINAMOS" (what we called here in Davao). You know the color..hahahahaha...

Ganessa Archival said...

Hahaha! had the same reaction.. rofl :)

Anonymous said...

nice ambiance and mukhang masarap nga yung pagkain :-)

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

the place is very nice looking.

Jonas Labagala said...

aguuuuy! wa nang-invite o.. tsk tsk tsk.. ana na ka.. huhuhu..

pero biktima kaayo ka sa caviar noh? hahaha!

Ganessa Archival said...

Pasensya nah! not planned... Oh yes, wala ganahi sila Karen sa caviar... ako ra nikaon. LOL

Jo-ann said...

Well what can I say? The foods are so superb, the plating love it!

Jonas Labagala said...

mas nauna ang le bistro kaysa Bagnetian Kitchen nga nanluod na! hahaha! and I wanna taste the caviar badly! ahuhuhu...

MaryJane Tauyan said...

lovely! what I love about italian restos is they have all those good looking food accompanied with champagnes wines and all! I love dirnking them! xx

Ganessa Archival said...

Bagnetian kitchen soon!!! lol and dine pud ta diri to satisfy your craving :p

Monica said...

I like the place very tidy and the food looks awesome! I hope to visit that place someday...thanks for sharing...

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