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Cebu: Queen Of The South Summer Starter

Yes, summer is here... and a traveler takes advantage of this season to get the feet moving.

It is not my first time in Cebu but my first was cut short because our main destination back then was set to Bohol.
SM Cebu

Luckily, I was invited by my college buddies who are currently residing there. From the airport, they asked me to go directly to SM Cebu which has travelers' lounge that caters luggages. I was only asked to pay 30 pesos for a whole day convenience.

Before touring the city, we had our lunch at Moon Cafe which is known for their delicious baby back ribs. They also have a branch here in Davao which is good for me as I can just go there anytime in case of hormonal surge-related cravings! LOL

  Sto.Niño Cathedral

From SM Cebu, we headed towards the Sto.Niño Cathedral. We encountered dancing prayer warriors on the infamous Magellan's Cross. They sell colorful candles explaining that each colors has its meaning. I bought 5 candles (10php each) and Manang started dancing, waving the candles while praying for me. She said the candles can be offered under the cross of Magellan or be lit on the church.

We attended the mass and they are strict about implementing the rule of no picture taking during the mass. So beware or you’ll get the brows of people around raised on you.

Cebu Taoist Temple

From there, we headed to Cebu Taoist temple. We only paid the taxi less than 200 pesos (one way).
The temple has intricate Chinese architecture details with a royal facade and the colours work in harmony. We tried the Taoist procedures and just enjoyed the oriental scenery.

It’s hard to get a cab from the temple. So it would be ideal if you’ll have a private vehicle for convenience. But since we don’t have a car... we just walked straight to the entrance of the subdivision. Thank God for the tree leaves along the side of the street, or else we ended up walking under the scorching heat of the sun.

Casa Verde Cebu

We then celebrated the night with good food at Casa Verde Cebu. All good food which made its way to my list of favourite restaurants. Please don't leave Cebu without visiting them. :-)

That's all for Day 1 in Cebu.

Get ready Carcar and Argao - south bound for Day 2! :-)

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Franc Ramon said...

Been to Taoist temple too in Cebu and the place is really scenic. It's similar to bell church in Baguio.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

the temple is so nice,I guess it's been well familiar there.I saw that temple many time on TV.

Monica said...

The places looks nice and interesting to visit someday. And the food is inviting though...thanks for sharing this..

Sirena Williams said...

This place seems amazing ! I would love to visit there. I look forward to reading more about your experience .

Ganessa Archival said...

Visited both and I agree with you :)

Ganessa Archival said...

Thank you Sirena for visiting my blog :)

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