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Green Tea Almond Freeziccino - We Want It Back!

All of us have our own signature favourite cooler! As for me, Green Coffee’s limited edition Green Tea Almond Freeziccino is a huge favourite – di nakakasawa!!!

 I am not the only one who went crazy over this freeziccino, but also my close friends Melivea, Jenny and Abegail were always looking forward for the weekend to satisfy some sweet tooth.

Smooth green tea goodness topped with whipped cream and sliced almonds!

The sweetness of the beverage is neutralized by the almonds’ salty-bitter flavour plus, it will entertain your palate with its crunchiness. I swear! It’s more than its 170 peso price. It must be the most refreshing and delicious freeziccino I have ever tasted.

Unfortunately, it is just a limited offering and is no longer available on their menu. On the brighter side, they have their in-house regular cooler – Green Tea Freeziccino --- With NO Almonds!!! (160 pesos).

Yes, the green tea goodness is still there but come on... the almonds made the beverage more delightful! Please... don't force us to bring our own almonds! Lol

Every time I visit Green Coffee, I can still hear their customers asking for Green Tea Almond Freeziccino.

Isn’t that obvious? Your patrons want it back! Please make it an in-house regular offering!!! 

Green Coffee - hear us out!!!


Michelle said...

Too bad it's no longer available in their menu when obviously, it's a hit among many of you. I hope they bring it back. It does look very delicious! Plus, it's also affordable :)

Jonas Labagala said...

They should bring it back.. Wa pa ko katilaw ana! haha!

unsa man? Welga ta? :D

roviedear said...

havent been to Green cofee. should try this soon :D
The Bargain Doll


Ganessa Archival said...

You should try it! Don't forget to bring your I.D and you might just forget your name sa kalami. LOL Welga!

Jonas Labagala said...

sige go! mag-assemble ta ug mga customers nga gusto ibalik ug gusto mu-try ana.. what time man? hahaha! tinud-on jud?!

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