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Explore Argao In 1 Day

So my college buddies and I decided to go south of Cebu for the 2nd day of our Summer Weekend Trilogy Adventure.

Saint Michael Parish Church
From the outside of Elizabeth Mall, we rode a bus heading to Carcar for a quick lechon stop. Most buses that reach Carcar bound for Argao are full, and might just have to endure a "Standing O" inside the bus. In our case, we made a deal with a jeepney driver to get us to Argao (an hour and a half trip). We were able to close the deal for 400 pesos.

Argao is a 1st class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. We stayed in a friend’s house and explored everything the city has to offer by just walking, teasing each other and eating. :-)

The Cabecera de Argao alone hosts several Heritage structures; the Saint Michael Parish dominates the area.

around the Saint Michael Parish Church
Activities to enjoy:
  • Picnic in front of the Church's bermuda square.
  • Have a "turo-turo" food trip outside the Church.
  • Trip down to Argao's old port and have your booze on decent beer houses around.
  • Look for Chitang's torta shop for pasalubongs.

Argao is known for their delicious Torta (they say one special ingredient is the bahalina/tuba). The best shop to get it from is Chitang's torta. Just a few walking distance from the Saint Michael church. Had a taste of it and I could say, it's delicious.

They also sell broas, sunflower cookies, tablea, polvoron, piƱato, podreda, and tamarind balls. Great for pasalubong! :)
(From left to right) - Heidi, Mutya, Jeh, Me, Ruel, Yuma, Kazu and Ian.
That's all for day 2 of my Cebu escapade. Had an early night sleep for tomorrow is a big day for swimming with the Butandings in Oslob. :-)

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