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I Did It At Ugong Rock Adventures!

Yes, I did it!

This might be a shallow vantage point for others but I'll brag about it anyway... and HEY!... I just tried Zip Lining for the first time!!!

In point of fact, what made the whole activity more interesting for me is the addition of fun caving and spelunking experience before I got to try their zip line at the peak of the cave. 

The trudge was also edifying as I have learned that stalagmites/stalactites should not be touched by our bare hands because of its acidic nature, that when it comes in contact, it dies and lose its sparkle. In addition, you will be inspired by the caver's motto displayed at every stand post of the cave.

The Peak
Beautiful view isn't it? but at the corner of the zip line area was horrifying! I saw a cable wire positioned diagonally down to the ground - “I absolutely am going to pass on this!”, I exclaimed.

A man instantaneously enlightened me that the wire is intended for bags and other things --- quite a relief! But I realized that it was a dumb cry out. Who would really try a zip line from the peak of a mountain down to the ground? Silly thought! Lol

My First Zip Line Experience!
I love to explore new places and do have an adventurous spirit like most other people do, but I honestly am a newbie to daring stunts and I consider zip lining one of them. In fact, I passed on zip lining before at Loboc, Bohol because… hmm... I don’t know! Feeling coward? Maybe! but hey… I did it in Palawan!

Caving And Spelunking!

How We Get There?
Rap talked to a Lexus van moderator stationed near the Underground River registry office in Sabang port and asked about the trip schedule for Sabang to Puerto Princesa. Since we wanted to check Ugong Rock Adventures in  Brgy. Tagabinet, he suggested that we come again the next day around 7:30 am at the same station. The van bound for Puerto Princesa will drop us at Ugong Rock Adventures and he’ll have another Lexus van fetch us at Tagabinet around 12 noon.

The regular fare from Sabang to Puerto Princesa is 120 PhP but since we were dropped and fetched at Tagabinet first before heading to Puerto Princesa, he asked us to pay 140 PhP which is very reasonable.

Fun Facts:
According to our guide, the cave got its name from the humming sound produced after tapping the limestones, called “Ugong” in Filipino. Also, Brgy. Tagabinet's name means Taga=from, Binet=outland but its original name is Tagumbinet, with a meaning of Tago=hidden, Binet=outland.

That's it! I had a great time and that will absolutely not be my last time to enjoy zip lining.


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