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Pawikan Restaurant: Good Food Near Palawan Underground River

When we say Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, the usual things that pop out in our minds are its mind-stimulating rock formations, sparkling stalactites, and emerging stalagmites. But did you know that there is also a good place near it for a scrumptious meal to complete your fun-filled day?

Upon walking around Sabang beach after out Underground River cruise, we reached the farthest side of it and found Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort. The resort is peaceful and far from the bustling crowd of the area and so, we decided to have our dinner there.

The Ambience Of Pawikan Restaurant

We entered their resident restaurant named Pawikan Restaurant and observed that most of their patrons were mostly foreigners. The ambiance is cosy which is suited for fine dining; the waitress was also very accommodating.

I got alarmed when I saw turtle-shell shaped light covers. So, I asked the waitress concernedly if they had killed turtles for it, and she said no, those were just synthetically made to support The "Pawikan" (turtle) motiff of the restaurant. *Relieved!

Pawikan Restaurant Menu

When the menu was served, I asked the waitress about their specialty, and she recommended Kare-Kare. I ordered it at once since it is my all-time favourite Filipino dish and I just let my friends order the rest.

Their Kare-Kare is not like the "saucy" dish we usually get. The pork's hind leg was deep fried to give you a perfect crispy skin and meat tenderness. It is more like a crispy pata with peanut sauce.

The sufficient amount of not-too-sweet peanut butter sauce will absolutely satisfy your picky taste buds. 

Price is around 400 PhP.

Bagoong Rice with shreds of fried egg. Not too salty and goes well with the other dishes.

Price is around 120 PhP (good for 2 persons)

Crispy Pata fried to crispy perfection with blanched vegetables on the side. 

Price is around 250 PhP

Pinakbet from afar. The pinakbet's fusion of vegetables are packed with flavors and not the archetypal salty kind of dish. Also, the veggies were not overcooked. 

Price is around 200 PhP

Dark Chocolate Candy Bar - Dark chocolate filled with walnuts with crush almonds and berry syrup on the side.

I ordered this for my dessert because I was having a headache that time. I was told by a college friend before that if you have a headache and medicine is not available, chocolate will work for you. 

Price is around 120 PhP

Fried Ice Cream - Chocolate ice cream filled bread that is identical to the bread used in Chicken Fingers. 

Price is also around 120 PhP

I wasn't able to take note of the prices because I was busy on some other things that time, but I hope this post helped you in finding a good place to eat when in Palawan Underground River ;-)

There it is. There is more with Underground River In Palawan. Good food and a relaxing delight in Sabang beach would make everyone's stay worthwhile.

Location: Sabang Beach, 5300 Puerto Princesa City, Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Contact Number: (048) 723 0889


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