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El Nido To Puerto Princesa 4 Days Itinerary

In our twenties, it is common for us to experience this so called quarter life crisis wherein we feel ambivalent about the things we love doing and responsibilities. I am no expert on this issue but it is useful to know that we can still have fun while we’re caught up by our adult responsibilities.

Let me share with you this itinerary from my recent 4-day break spent in Palawan. Stoked and definitely, recharged!

Day 1 - Going To El Nido

The first day was evidently spent for the flight, Underground river registration and the trip going to EL Nido.

Day 2 - The El Nido Experience

The second day was the star of the whole trip I would say. It's like we were transported to paradise... something that we don't usually experience.

More of my first two days in El Nido experience here.

Day 3 The Underground River Tour

The trip going to Sabang can be inconvenient when you miss the van/bus/jeep schedule as they are not available every hour.

You can check the trip schedule to Underground River here.

Day 4 Honda Bay

If you still have the energy to enjoy another round of swimming and soaking under the sun, Honda Bay is a great option.

***The expenses are non-inclusive of meals, airfare, minor transportation, and pasalubong.

That's it. 4 days might not be enough to completely enjoy Palawan but who am I to complain? I just had a great time and will definitely go back.

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razzy said...

it's on my bucket list.. i hope i could have time to visit soon... :)

Joy Caasi said...

Good travel planning, you can easily see the expenses. I should consider creating an excel file too for my trips. :)

Franc Ramon said...

I spent 4 days in Puerto Princesa alone and I still feel it was not enough. I haven't been to El Nido but plan to go there soon.

Ephraim Arriesgado said...

It's always my dream to go Palawan. Thanks for sharing this itinerary! :)

Shirgie Scf said...

Underground river will never be out of the list. Thanks for sharing the itinerary.

ruvi said...

palawan is my best tour ever.. if your planning to visit palawan, never forget el nido! ;)

Ganessa said...

El Nido, FTW!

Lhei Lomillo said...

hello! may I ask where did you avail the Tour packages for El Nido Island hopping? thanks!

Ganessa said...

There are tour package offer everywhere in El Nido. Most hotels offer that too :)

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