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Meet The Author

Hi! I'm G and G is for Gadabout! A starry-eyed twentysomething, coming in with full of energy and ideas and loves to sit cross-legged, all polite and quiet-like.

Moreover, this blog is more than a documentation of my explorations as I have decided to be His writing partner. After every travel, I pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, and blog with Him...when done, I start to banter back and forth with Him, dream the next plot line and sail again!

Most of my explorations shared on this blog are "gipit sa oras" because of being tied up to my responsibilities at work and so, I booked most of my trips during weekends or during non-working holidays.

This blog is also my way of telling others that time constraint, money, and other personal issues are not a big deal if you really want to travel.

"Kung talagang gusto, may paraan..."

My travel experiences' golden rule is: "Always challenge yourself to do something you've never done before" By following that, all of my adventures became visceral, palpable and unforgettable.

I have a mole on my right foot... I bet that's the travel bug's bite mark!

Contact Me at archivalganessa@gmail.com


Ganessa said...

Thank you :)

Athan of "ilovetansyong.com" said...

Hello miss Ganessa I will include this blog sa List ng Blogroll ko http://www.ilovetansyong.com/p/must-read-blogs.html Pwede Malaman ang real name mo for the roll

Athan of "ilovetansyong.com" said...

Nortehanon, it would be better if you use disqus sa Blog mo para interactive po

rahsa_ggeor@yahoo.com said...

I Ms. G, I really got fascinated while reading your blogs, this month I plan to travel the Northern Philippines, so I'd like to thank you for blogging some tourist attractions that Iwant to visit! Good Luck! keep exploring!

Ganessa said...

Hi Rahsa. Glad to help! Hope you enjoy your trips. Thanks for dropping by :)

Ganessa said...

Thank you. Hope you have fun on your trips :)

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Thank you explorer! --- Always challenge yourself to do something you have never done before. ♥