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Swiss Deli Davao

The first thing you’ll see upon entering is like a mini grocery of Swiss goods - chocolates, breads, biscuits, dressed turkeys, etc. The dining hall is comfy and well ventilated. Also, I saw a lot of foreigners having their meals and booze.


Their cheesecake is appetizing with a splotch of lime flavour, but in spite of that, not impressed with its texture. It’s like a spongy cheesecake. Even so, I tried my friend’s chocolate mousse and it was heaven! I’m not sure but we think there’s really something special with the cocoa powder ingredient that makes it different from other archetypal chocolate mousse in the city.

Caesar Salad
Go green! I love Caesar! Swiss deli is listed as one of my favorite restaurant in town. Know why? Their salad has sufficient amount of “sweet to sour” taste dressing. The salad has lettuces that are fresh, cheese, crispy bacons, and the toasted bread cubes were bursting with flavors.
Cordon Bleu
When I took pleasure in, it was real flavourful – the herbs, tender chicken, ham, cheese, egg – what else can I ask for? Plus, the tangy dash of lemon matches everything. Served with either rice or mashed potato. I opted for the latter.

My friend's choice!

My favorite restaurant in the City. Looking forward to go back here.

Location: Along J.P. Laurel Ave., Lanang, Davao City (across Damosa Building). 082 234 0271      
Price range: 300 pesos and up


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