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Barrio Bistro Davao - Go Mejicano!

The most affordable pizza in town! Yes, you heard me right. They are offering "buy 1 take 1" family-sized pizza and this is not a promo, which means you'll get the perks of it all-year round.

Here's how it works: while choosing 2 pizza, you'll only have to pay the pizza with a higher price (Not more than 400 php each). It's like the other pizza comes for free!

Barrio Pizza
Barrio Pizza

Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Italian Sausage, Olives, Onions, Mushrooms and Bell Pepper.
Tastes good, but not a big fan of olives!

 Taco Pizza
Taco Pizza
My Favorite!!! Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Spicy Ground Beef, Onions, Tomato and Lettuce

Pizza Overload
Pizza Overload
Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Italian Sausage, Ham and Onions 
My apologies for the image resolution!

Hungarian Sausage Pizza
Hungarian Sausage Pizza
Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce, Onions, and Hungarian Sausage Slices. 
Looks simple but I enjoyed this a lot.

***Aside from the ones shown above, they also offer Hawaiian Delight Pizza, Three-Cheese Pizza, and a lot more. 

Barrio Bistro is considered as one of the best pizza houses in Davao along with Don Beppe Ristorante Italiano and Italian Job pizzeria, simply because of the wide array of pizza on their menu. The best part of it, for just 400 pesos below, you’ll get "buy 1 take 1" delicious family-sized round pizza.

Davao Punch
Dining treat in Barrio Bistro won’t be complete without a refreshing glass of Davao Punch (center) – A must try! But the last time I checked, it is no longer available. You can ask them again anyway.

Drinks = Soda (70-90 php), Iced Tea (40-150 php glass/pitcher), Canned Fruit Juices (40-50 php) and other Carbonated Beverages (40-50 php).
Desserts = Parfaits and Ice Creams (90 - 150 php)

Going to an expensive restaurant for a plate of good food is a blunder. Delectable food doesn’t mean it has to be expensive all the time. This bistro is heaven sent to all pizza goers in town.

Location: Lacson St., Barrio Obrero, Davao City 222-3366 - New Branch In Duterte St., Davao City.
Price range: 150 to 400 pesos


Franc Ramon said...

I love eating Pizza and just seeing the photos gives the idea that they are rich and flavorful.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

pizza,a most favourite dish to me.always love that thing.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

yummy pepperoni! love pizza too! calzone is my fave pizza the folded pizza one. talking about this We made some home made pizza today for lunch and dindin hihi =)

Pepper Tan said...

Now I know where to go if I get a pizza craving when I'm in Davao :)

Ganessa Archival said...

Yummy... and yes, I love Calzone too :)

Joann said...

I never thought that Barrio Bistro has this buy 1 take 1 pizza. Good deal for those who are looking for great food on a budget :D

Shirgie said...

Wicked!!!! WHy is it that they did not offer this while I was still in Davao? I heard a lot of good reviews about Barrio Bistro and now that it comes with a Free pizza for every purchase, I am sure they will gain a lot of customers.

controversialcomments said...

Oh my. I love pizza. I want one of those pizzas right now. =)

Jonas Labagala said...

oh my oh my! Barrio Bistro is like a heaven for pizza lovers! I would love to try them all! Whew!

Thanks for this post! :D

Ness || The Attagirl said...

Wow! Pizza!! Im reading a lot of articles with good reviews of restaurants in Davao. I hope to be able to visit too, soon!

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