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La Toscana Davao Experience

I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this restaurant in the blogosphere, that's why I opted to have a friendly dinner date here with my friend, and they're right. Now, it's my turn to make a good blumber about this place.

La Toscana Davao

La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant is a cosy and calm place; moreover, they have warm and well-trained personnel. Why well-trained? They can enunciate the right pronunciation of the meals’ names, appetizers go first, and they have good timing in dishing out plates in a courteous manner. Perfetto!

Complimentary Bruschettes
Full of flavours and something that would prepare your appetite for the main course

Main Course
Mixed Grill Plate
 Mixed Grill Plate (720 pesos) - Thank God it's for free! The meal taken as a whole was costly, but it’s worth your riches. Love their fresh lemonade too - a must try.

Fresh lemonade (68 php)
Quattro Staggioni
A delectable, serving of Quattro Staggioni (320 php). Not a big fan but it was okay.

Banana Split
Finished our meal with Banana Split (135 php). 

Delizioso! I would definitely come back and try their pasta and risotto. Recommendable for those diners who want a private and cozy Italian dining experience.

Location: Quirino Ave., Davao City, Philippines 8000 082 305 6556
Price range: 300 - 720 pesos for the main course. 


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