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Explore Hong Kong Ocean Park In 1 Day

Hong Kong is not an English speaking country, even so, you will never get lost in that country because the MTR station route is not hard to understand. For a smooth travel, do your research in advance, or you'll end up making frequent halts just to ask questions.

Hot rays from the sun is a comfort in a cold breeze. Nakakaitim daw, so what?

How To Get To Hong Kong Ocean Park?

Bus 629 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B.

Cute bear! Bawal daw may flash ang cam kasi naiirita sila. Chos!
Smart sea lion and dolphins! Almost skipped the show because we were not aware of the show's schedule and we only heard from others that the show will start soon. So glad we made it -- by running hard fast! :)

K! Never mind. lol
My friend was able to convince me to try those blahhs. As if I have a choice? andyan na eh... (sobrang napilitan!) but, I told her that we’ll just set it as a last priority as there are still a lot of pretty things to explore in the park. Much to my friend's surprise, at 5pm, THANK YOU!!! Those rides were already CLOSE! Hahahaha SAVED! Look at that abyss! Takot ko lang...*evil grin* (--,) 

Ang tanging nasakyan :)
Cable cars!
Under the sea! Effort pa rin to smile! :p

That's all for Ocean Park. Perfect place for children because it's educational but it's entertaining to adults as well. 

So, let's head over to the next destination. The Peak! (Not in G-Mall ha?)

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