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Cebu Chorizo VS Ilocos Longanisa

The more you hate, the more you love”...

– This holds true for my personal experience --- not about superfluous heartbreak stories here, but to my long time loathing turned casual craving to two local specialties from Cebu and Ilocos – their chorizo/longanisa (whatever you call that!).

So what are The Difference of Chorizo and Longanisa?
Probably most of us didn’t care about the difference of the two, but I momentarily got curious while writing this blog entry. So I made a little research and found out that they're relatively the same. The only difference is that...

Longanisa - more 'mexican style', usually more spicy and contains a lot more spices.
Chorizo – more 'american style' sausage whereas it is less spicy and has less spices.

... and that’s according to the Mexican source I got from the internet. But in the Philippines, it might be different especially if you compare the two Pinoy faves - Cebu’s chorizo and Ilocos’ longanisa.

Cebu's Chorizo
Cebu's Chorizo
Taste? Primarily, I find it spicy but not over the top. You can actually see some parts of the chilli used inside them.
Comparison? It is more spicy, sweet, and meaty.
Where to find it? I bought Cebu’s chorizo for “pasalubong” at Esther & Guiller Dried Fish Dealer in Tabo-an Market, Cebu.

Ilocos' Longanisa
Ilocos' Longanisa
Taste? It is salty with a splotch of spiciness. The texture is more compact and doesn’t look fatty compared to the chorizo we’re seeing at our local markets.
Comparison? It is less spicy, salty, and not squelchy.
Where to find it? I had a taste of Ilocos’ longanisa last year at Bistro Amarillo in Vigan City.

Conclusively, Philippines' chorizo and longanisa is quite opposite with Mexicans based on the definition I got from the internet. Whatever that is, sometimes it is more convenient to shut up and just enjoy your food.

The Winner

I can’t tell which of the two is more delectable as they have their own strengths. The verdict I think would only depend on the person’s preference. As for me, both of them won me over. ;-)


Jonas Labagala said...

Yuuum! Actually, Davao Chorizo is the best! hahaha! oops! :D

Nah! I don't have to choose since both of them are delicious! :D

MaryJane Tauyan said...

omg! drooling over those which I cannot get here in malaysia haha though as you've said theye this mexican and american style. wait till you see those other kinds of sausages they have you wont even notice the difference! Great photos dEAR! xx

Dems said...

Yeah, it holds true for me that I don't really care about the difference because I love them both! With vinegar of course! <3

Debarpan said...

Very well written and well elaborate.I would love to eat this

Ganessa Archival said...

Ugh.. never tasted a good Chorizo here in Davao yet. :(

Sarah Jean said...

i prefer chorize coz i am not fun of spicy foods. My eyes are drooling over those yummy chorizo & longganisa. Makabili nga ngayon ng Porky Best Chorizo. :=D

Shopgirl Jen said...

I rarely eat chorizo since we always buy longganisa. But will definitely give it a try. I think longganisa and chorizo are the best food for breakfast. :)

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Ilocos Longanisa is the one for me! :)

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