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Thoughts On Traveling

One should realize why we need to travel...

Before, I see travel as a time for relaxation, paying yourself forward and a time to take gazillions pictures to be posted in social medias (e.g Facebook or Instagram). But I recently realize that what I believe before was just a by product of traveling.

I'm not a travel expert or anyone who travels a lot but I cannot contain my enamoured experience while travelling. The world is so big and wonderful and there is so much to explore. We human beings were designed to be social, as they say "no man is an island". As how I interpret it was quite different, for me being social is not only jumping outside from our comfort zones and meet new friends but being social is physically going outside the place where you usually live (your own little world).

That's maybe the reason why ancient people like the nomads go from one place to another, not because of the food but because of the hunger to discover new lands. Why?, because people want to grow.

As a person, we are designed to grow but not only physically or emotionally (self age) but in all aspects of our being - the mind, body and soul. Physically we travel because we are a being of motion, we were made to move. But aside from that fact, we would love to travel because we want to taste new food. That's why, every time we travel we lose track of our diet plans.

Mentally we want to travel because we want to see and feel new things. The world is fill with lots of cultures and the experience to try something not familiar is priceless. Socially we want to travel because we love to meet new and old friends. Building relationship to these people is something vital in travelling.

Me myself as an article writer, registered nurse, and a travel enthusiast, realized that travelling is a way to create new or enhance yourself. The mere fact that you go outside your usual place and seeing new things create ideas. Ideas that will eventually be translated to understanding other people that will eventually be translated to self-actualization and will be eventually translated as self value.

Well maybe we have different reasons why we travel but definitely we all agree that traveling is such a wonderful activity to do. It might be for business or leisure but I'm sure you'll definitely want to do it again and again.


chasingplaces said...

More than just giving us a different kind of 'high', traveling is a great teacher - it teaches us to trust strangers, let go of our comfort zones, and challenges our decision-making skill :)

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Thank you explorer! --- Always challenge yourself to do something you have never done before. ♥