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Unconventional Food Trip In Cagayan De Oro

Because eating at the best food houses is too main stream... my companions and I decided to walk around the streets of Cagayan de Oro to try the local eateries therein... and it was not disappointing!

My last visit in Cagayan was remarkable because I have tasted a very saucy, delicious, and tender pork barbecue... I repeat... TENDER!

The pork barbecue of Barbecue Station near Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is not your conventional pork barbecue that is "makunat" and dry. I strongly recommend this to people who are planning to do a food trip in Cagayan because it is really delicious. I even wondered why it only costs 15 PhP each.

The meal became more exotic because of the rice covered with palm or banana leaf (not sure) they are serving.

We also ordered sinuglaw and dinuguan for 30 PhP per serving. I was quite disappointed at first with their tiny serving but I immediately forgot about it after the first taste. Sometimes, food quality matters more than the quantity. I am not a food expert or what... but they are also packed with flavors.

The sinuglaw played a right sour and spiciness inside my mouth and the dinuguan was also delicious and not a wishy-washy! It’s worth more than what we paid for.

After that scrumptious meal, we took a walk again around Xavier University and noticed this tiny cupcake shop called The Sweet Shop.

There were a lot of tempting options in their display stand that made me want to order all of them! (But of course, I can’t as it will rip off my pocket and deposit more fats on my body... lol). To satisfy my craving, I ordered an assortment of 3 cupcakes.

A cupcake topped with blueberries, caramel melt cupcake and the plain vanilla cupcake. All of those are sweet which is great for my sweet tooth. The caramel melt cupcake became my absolute favorite!

That's all for my one night food trip in Cagayan de Oro. It was unforgettable.... and delicious.... and good for our pockets!


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