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The Vibrant Indak-Indak Sa Kadalanan Of Kadayawan 2013

"Being fearless, isn't being 100% unafraid... it's being terrified, but you jump anyway" – Harper Lee

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing tragic bombing incidents at various cities of Mindanao. That being said, the safety of my beloved Davao City was put on a pedestal knowing that Kadayawan festival might be the next target for malevolent terrorism acts.

In point of fact, Mayor Duterte nearly cancelled the Kadayawan celebration (usually happens around 2nd to 3rd week of August) to make sure his citizens are safe, but he said that cancelling Kadayawan is also like removing the soul of Davao City. Yes, that's right!

Despite the fear and warning of my parents and peers to stay away from crowded areas, I jumped anyway... --- I won’t waste my second life after that near death experience at Cagayan de Oro bombing to only sit at home and let the fear set in.

Safety Of Kadayawan
So, I woke up early after 3 hours of sleep to go to my best friend’s house and borrow her DSLR (of course, I want to capture great photos this time!). After which, I went to the area where the event will happen but the police won’t allow me to get closer because I... have... a... sling bag!

...I thought that only back packs are banned from the area but I was wrong. A sling bag or even a little shoulder bag is not allowed to pass through the streets of the festival. 

Impressive! Mayor Duterte really ensured the safety of his people.*

The nice policeman suggested that I’ll leave my bag at San Pedro police station... YES! The police station served as a baggage counter for everyone that time! Without hesitation, I went there, took my valuables, and submitted my bag.

In fact, 6 out of 10 'tourists' are plain clothes intelligence personnel. Even though the people have no idea about the scattered incognito intelligence personnel, they trusted enough the city government for the safety and still enjoyed the main streets of Davao.

Mingling With The Photographers 
Upon getting ready, my bff’s camera won’t turn on... and there I realized that my bff forgot to put the battery on the camera!!! So disappointing... great thing, I brought my Pentax camera with me so I just used it instead of the DSLR.

During the event, there was a special area for photographers right below the tent of VIP guests which is obviously a good spot to watch the dancers. Desperate to get there, I talked to a police man and plead to allow me inside the photographers’ area so that I could take great pictures... and guess what?... he let me in! He even assisted me. Yipeeeeee! Minutes later, they announced that the show will start. Just in time!

Here are some of the moments I captured during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan of Kadayawan 2013:

Love her smile!

Vibrant, isn't it? I could have missed these shots if I let fear set in.

After 2 hours of standing under the sun, I surrendered and bought a cold water to quench my thirst. But that didn't end there. I meet my friend Don and did a "photowalk". 

It was a very nice experience and I will definitely come back next year. Happy Kadayawan everyone! :)


Bonzenti,Con Tour said...

vibrant talaga. I miss the Kadayawan again. for the third attempt. I was invited by Olan the Travel Teller but so hesitant because of the present bomb threat.:-).

Ganessa said...

Naku sayang naman... I saw some travel bloggers din dun! I am sure na mag eenjoy ka sana dun despite the bomb threat hehe Oh well, you shouldn't miss the next Kadayawan for the 4th time! :)

Olan Fernandez Emboscado said...

Despite the security threats, we celebrated KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL in full blast! :) Kudos to all of us Dabawenyos and to the strong leadership of our Mayor. :) Can't wait for another year of great and stunning images from this mother of festivals in Mindanao. :)

Ganessa said...

Can hardly wait for next year's Kadayawan as well. Kudos to us Davawenyos! :)

Nortehanon said...

Vibrant, indeed!

On events like this, it pays to have a backup camera ;-) Great photos of the Kadayawan. Hopefully, I can also witness this event next year as I keep on postponing my trip to Davao. Been to Davao several times but not during Kadayawan fest. Next year, next year sana (crossing my fingers :-) )

Jonas Labagala said...

may gani, nadala nimo ang pentax. Abi nakog DSLR imong gigamit! nice shots! :D

Ganessa said...

I agree, but it pays more to check the camera if it has battery in it above anything else. :) Yes, check the Indak-Indak next year. It usually happens every 3rd Saturday of August :)

Ganessa said...

Lagi. No regrets sad kay nice pud ang labas sa colors :)

Amar said...

Very colorful indeed. Remind me of the Holi festival in northern India

dChen said...

Let's do that photowalk again this year. :)

Ganessa said...

Sure! Wake up early na ha! hahaha

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