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Cagayan De Oro –Transportation | Hotel | Hospitality

The City Of Golden Friendship” --- BIG WORD!

A moniker that sounds so surreal is just in fact the right word to describe Cagayan de Oro based on my experience. In addition, it is a great place for thrill seekers (a.k.a Adventure Capital of the Philippines), gastronomes, and thrifty travelers.

Airport and Transportation
I consider Cagayan’s airport as one of the best airports in the Philippines because of its cleanliness, superb organizing skills of the staff, and modernized structure. However, it was quite overwhelming when we got to step out of Laguindingan airport as there were a lot of “makulit” drivers offering a ride to Cagayan City Proper.

Comfy Transportation: The LAX (Laguindingan Airport Express) shuttle costs 199PhP per person and I thought it’s too pricey to start our Cagayan trip and so, we just thanked the drivers for the offer and walked away. 

We tried to walk until we get to the highway of the airport but my companion called her kagay-anon friend and asked about the best way to reach the city proper and she suggested that we take the LAX shuttle.

Cheaper Transportation: My friend was also informed that we can’t just walk our way to the highway because it’s 5-kilometre long. Desperate to get a cheaper way, we called a motor (habal-habal) driver and he offered to bring us to the highway for 30PhP each. He also said that we can just take a bus from the highway going to Cagayan City Proper for just 40 PhP.

That’s 50 percent saving against the LAX shuttle ride! So, we go without hesitation.

Cagayan’s main transportations are just like the conventional ones we found in cities - Taxis, buses, Jeepneys, and trikes (locally called “rela” short for motorela).


We rode on a motor (habal-habal) where the driver seated in the front and my 2 other companions and I seated uncomfortably at the back, looking like an awkward worm. One good looking guy seated in the passenger seat of a black Hilux goes past us, rolled down the car’s window and said something that sounds like “Uod”... My friend momentarily admitted that she got dumbfounded and twitterpated with the guy but came back to her senses and asked “Ano raw?”, and I responded “Sabi niya siguro, mukha tayong uod” and we started laughing.

Minutes later, the motor driver realized that his mp3 player is gone... fell during the trip. The man who said something like “Uod” was really saying “Hulog”. So, I told the driver to leave us on the side for a mo’ and go back its way to find the lost mp3 player and we’ll just wait for him to return. After a minute or two, he came back with sad eyes and said others might have it in possession already.

We feel sad for him but we hope it'll be replaced with something better. Maybe not a new MP3 but something that will make him delighted.

Accommodation And Meeting Mr. Golden Friendship!
Upon reaching the highway, we were offered to ride a taxi going to the city proper for 50PhP each. We were advised by a random guy that a 50PhP rate of the taxi is in fact a good deal already. Convinced, we rode on a taxi and invited the random guy to share the taxi with us.

We took advantage of the chance to ask the random guy about his suggestions:

The best affordable stays in Cagayan: Will’s Place and Park View Hotel – around 800PhP/overnight shared by two.

Cheaper stay in Cagayan: When we were dropped by the taxi driver at Bulua Terminal, the random guy or who I now called “Mr. Golden Friendship” rode a jeep with us and accompanied us to Will’s Place. 

However he suggested that if we’re just looking for a place to sleep (less than 12 hours), the most practical option is the D’Morvie Suites (300Php/12 hours which can be shared by two). Very helpful on our pocket!

Best place to eat: Barbecue station near Xavier’s University (Ateneo de Cagayan).

That was a very good start in Cagayan, thanks to Mr. Golden Friendship! I regret not asking his name but he left his number. He said that we’ll just text him and he’ll call back in case we need help while we’re staying in CDO. Very nice Mr. Golden Friendship :)

Another Mr. Golden Friendship is the taxi driver. After driving us to Dahilayan the next day, he invited us to his home while we were waiting for our flight back to Davao. His wife, Ate Belinda served us a meryenda and cooked Sinigang and adobo for us.

Cagayan is indeed a true home of Golden Friendship!

Other info:
The taxi driver Mr. Ricardo Flores offers a taxi rental for a day going to Dahilayan, just for 2,200 PhP.
Contact him at 

As of March 2014, LAX Shuttle CdO Terminal is relocated at the Capt. Vicente Roa St. entrance of Centrio Mall near TGIF or FRiDAYS. The area is more spacious and convenient for waiting passengers.

For Faster Bookings & Inquiries you may call or text
0917-7101-LAX(529) for Globe & TM
0925-8100-LAX(529) for Sun, Smart, Talk&Text Numbers.


Shirgie Scf said...

The City of Smile!!!!.. I've been to Cagayan De Oro and stayed for one day only, so I didn't know there are a lot of cheap deals in this place.

Ganessa said...

Yes, Bacolod's not the only city of smiles :)

Franc Ramon said...

I've been to CDO years back for a business trip and I would want to visit the place again. This time for leisure. It's nice to know that transportation is easy and too bad for the mp3 player of the driver.

Francis Balgos said...

I love CDO, I've visited it a month prior to the deluge of Sendong..
City of Golden friendship is not really a coincodence, though the name itself implies it, River of Ores! and as we all know, gold is extracted from Ore, well aside from any other mined minerals that is.
I like CDO because it's unpretencious, a city you can walk to by night and feel safe

Ganessa said...

Whew! Now I know there's more story about its name. Thanks for sharing :)

GilCamporazo said...

I am too curious to know why CDO is for thrill seekers. What do you mean for this?

Ganessa said...

The city offers thrilling activities such as white water rafting in Cagayan river, canyoneering, rappelling, etc. It is also near to Dahilayan adventure park :)

Jonas Ignatius Labagala said...

It might be a City of Golden Friendship but some complaints I've heard are like, the road is full of garbage, etc. I hope they'll improve it since it's under the new administration.

Joshua said...

I didn't know that CDO had cheap accommodations I'll look into this post again once I get the chance to travel to CDO.
-Wanderer Juan

Jayce Cairo said...

Thanks for this post because when I went to CDO a friend took us in so I don't know much about how to get around using public transportation, etc. :)

Ganessa said...

Oh? hopefully it'll improve but their streets are clean during my last visit :)

papaleng said...

CDO has lots to offer to local tourists. sad lang dahil may mga bad elements na are trying to tarnish whatever good gains the city has achieve.

KayeF said...

The Cagayan airport is surprising. I didn't know that there's such a nice airport in our country.

Kim Nieves said...

I want to go to CDO! I think it's a very beautiful place packed with very nice people! :)

shykulasa said...

Havent been there yet and there are plans in the near future although the recent bombing incident quite give me a bit of scare. Will definitely check your recos when my plan push thru.

algene may cutamora said...

One of the complaints of my friends is malayo na daw yung airport from the city proper. Well, I really can't tell kasi I don't go to CDO via plane. I just ride the bus or ask my brother to drive for me papuntang CDO :)

leny elmedo said...

never been to cagayan! but i have a trip to davao soon to visit my friends,gonna put cagayan on my list to visit when im there in mindanao! nice airport!


LAX Shuttle Cdo Terminal is relocated at the Capt. Vicente Roa St. entrance of Centrio Mall near TGIF or FRiDAYS. The area is more spacious and convenient for waiting passengers.

For Faster Bookings & Inquiries you may call or text
0917-7101-LAX(529) for Globe & TM
0925-8100-LAX(529) for Sun, Smart, Talk&Text Numbers.

please visit our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/pages... for updates..:)

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