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Davao Restaurant Suggestions By A Davawenya

“Nobody should be whipped. Remember that, once and for all. Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion.” ― Mikhail Bulgakov, Heart of a Dog

Just when my ‘Davao-related’ blog posts got indexed in Google, I’ve been lucky to receive messages from fellow gadabouts asking me what activities and places I would recommend here in my beloved city of Davao... Lavish! But the question that really gets me excited all the time is my suggestion of restaurants.

Instead of typing my suggestions repetitively, I’ve decided to just list them here so that I could just copy and paste the link (with visual presentation pa!)... then Voila!

Below are my personal favourite restaurants that I always recommend to Davao tourists:

Outback Grill Davao

This is a new and by far... the most entertaining restaurant here in Davao that offers tasty and affordable meals. 

Why entertaining? Because of their fire dancers, chicken dance, live band, mannequin dance, and other lively performances every Friday and Saturday... so make sure you come during weekends! 

You can also play crossword puzzles through their place mat and play UNO (just tell the waiter and they'll bring you wooden blocks).

My topmost favourite on their menu is their Chicken barbecue Tower and Tuna ceviche with milk. 
In fact, their barbecue was awarded "The Best Barbecue In Davao". If you're game for a challenge... finish their Goliath burger for 60 minutes and it's free! You'll also get a free Goliath T-Shirt and your picture in their wall of fame.

Also, Zoofari Kids Adventure, just beside the restaurant is a great treat and playhouse for children.

Location: Outback Grill at Bacaca Road, Garcia Heights
Check this write-up from Miss Jojie Alcantara for her fulsome review of Outback Grill Davao.

This food house is known for their cakes and home specialty, San Rival (very delicious)! They are also the supplier of cakes for most of the coffee shops in Davao City so that really speaks of its ‘sweety-toothy’ credibility. 

If you’re looking for a good place for snack, go here and try their Sans Rival. If you’re craving for a decent meal, no worries... try their Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs... really tasty!

Location: Door 1-H VAL Learning Village Ruby Street, Marfori Heights
See mouth-watering reviews here by TheGiddy Chiq and Sugar Foodie.

Tiny Kitchen

This might not be seen on the list of Davao-best-restaurants-related sites but this is a ‘terrific kitchen of good food’ as opposed to its name ‘tiny’. My topmost favourite on the menu is their Paella Valencia - a perfect mix of rice and sea foods.

Warning: Paella’s medium serving is good for quarter servings but I tell you... nakakabitin! You know what I mean. *wink

Location: Torres Street
Check this succulent review by ChicFoodie.

I know that there are a lot of other home-grown restaurants that offers real good food such as Chippens, Lyndon’s, Ahfat, Yellow Fin, Taklobo in Jack’s Ridge, Dencia’s, and many more... but the three I listed above are my personal choices.

That’s my big three for now! Have a ‘Lami’ (delicious) stay in Davao! :)

Photo credits: 
Dabawenya Me
Sugar Foodie
TheGiddy Chiq
The Geek Travels


chasingplaces said...

I miss Lachi's! I haven't been to Outback Grill and Tiny Kitchen but their food look heavenly (especially the Outback Grill!).

Ganessa said...

Lachi's jud! FTW... :)

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