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Chatime Davao At SM Lanang Premier

No one should feel lonely and hot during Christmas season, thank goodness!!! Chatime is now open at the biggest shopping mall in Mindanao - SM Lanang Premier. Ready to make this season more refreshing and.... COLDER!

I was curious of their milk tea selection especially when I saw their other branch in Hong Kong 2 years ago (when milk teas are not yet popular here!). However, I was not able to try it because it's not a good match for that time's chilly 13 degrees weather - bought Starbucks' caramel macchiato instead. And so, I just hankered!

Their Top 10 Bestsellers:
  1. Pearl milk tea
  2. Chocolate mousse
  3. Chatime roasted milk tea
  4. Red bean milk tea
  5. Taro milk tea
  6. QQ milk tea
  7. Grass jelly milk tea
  8. Yogurt Lychee QQ
  9. Banana milk tea
  10. Mango milk tea
Need to pay 15 pesos for the toppings! Toppings are pearl, grass jelly and pudding.

Upon strolling around SM Lanang last Wednesday, I was surprised to see their stall at the main atrium thus I immediately dragged my two friends Elmer and Essa to try it as well.

Elmer tried Kumquat lemon juice, Essa - Chocolate mousse, and I ordered Taro milk tea. After a few sip, we all agreed to one word - Delicious!!! 

My taro milk tea is sweet but not over the top. It has taro bits which makes it more enjoyable.

Chatime Menu
Chatime is not exclusively serving milk teas. They also have smoothies, healthy juices, oriental pop teas, coffee and hot drinks. 

It is a great match for my all time favorite milk tea store - Gong Cha Philippines.

Location: At the main atrium of SM Lanang Premier beside The French Baker, below Starbucks'.
Price range: 80 pesos and up.


deehan1914 said...

Oh! I love teas! I will visit this place soon!

Abby said...

So far, I've only tried Chocolate Mousse. But if it were any indication, I need to try the others because their milk teas are totally worth every penny spent! :)

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