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Katagbaoan Beach Farm - My Haven In Tagbaobo, Samal

I always like a fresh weekend get-away and so, I can just go to Samal and see endless choices of white beaches with complete amenities. But for me, well-known and accustomed beach resorts are too middle-of-the-road.

It’s more fun to go through rough roads and arrive in a heavenly place, free from unnecessary noise (I’m not talking about a retreat house here!), and can offer exciting activities. I’m sharing this favourite haven of mine for others to enjoy as well.

In fact, I have visited this place for more than 5 times already and still wanting to return. 

Why? Check out below:

The Beach

The shore is rocky making it a perfect trail for trekkers as it has a long stretch of shoreline.

This place is still undiscovered because only a few people were able to go here due to distance, but based on good experiences and visitors' satisfied word of mouth, I wouldn't be surprised if someday I’ll see people flocking in here.

Cliff Diving
There's a safe spot there with a right depth of water perfect for cliff diving. 

The Marine Life
When the water is shallow, you can easily see the corals. Be careful not to step on them as it would take years for a coral to recover a loss branch.
Hundred year old coral

Years ago, we met marine biologists from UP conducting a research in the area, and they said that the body of water there is a marine sanctuary. Oha! It’s really evident, marine life is rich and look at that hundred year old brain coral.

If you don't know how to swim, don't worry, you can still enjoy the marine biodiversity as they have snorkeling gears. I don't know how to swim too but I enjoyed the aquatic sights. :)

Heartbroken? Need some time alone? This beach resort is perfect for you. We always enjoyed the hammocks placed at the beach side where we can just sit and dip our toes in the water while talking about anything.

The Waterfalls

For just a 10-minute hike from Katagbaoan Beach Farm, you’ll see a staircase-like waterfalls. The problem is, you'll encounter mosquitoes which is quite annoying.

Tito Ching ala Buddha
For a 30-minute hike or a 10-minute ride from Katagbaoan Beach farm, you will be in Tagbaobo falls. Diane Castillejo and her team from Sports Unlimited once visited here and were captivated by what they saw.

Kinilaw with buko strips

Tito Ching always prepares delicious food for us. My top favourites are his nilupak na saging, ginataang gulay, champorado, and chicken tinola (uses buko juice for the sabaw). It really feels like home, only slightly more Dabawenyo ;-)

More Fun In Tagbaobo
My dearly loved barkada, celebrating a decade of friendship!

How To Get There?
You can directly go to Sasa Ferry Terminal (less than 15-minute ride from Davao Int'l Airport) and ride along in a Ferry which only costs 10 Php one way. At Samal Ferry Terminal, you can hire a trike and tell him to bring you to Katagbaoan Beach Farm In Brgy. Tagbaobo, Samal. 

Brgy. Tagbaobo is far from the terminal and the trike driver might ask you to pay around 150 to 200 Php one way. It would be a 30-45 minute bumpy ride but it's all worth it.

You can also arrange a private service with Tito Ching.

The Accommodation

Guests will be relaxed in a big airy house made of wood; Japanese-style chaise lounge and woven hammocks are also abundant around the place which gives you more opportunity to unwind. To experience this, you have to book in advance and you will have the place exclusively. Yes! Exclusively!

Tagbaobo is very special to me simply because it is the place where I and my barkada spent most of our summer vacations since high school. We graduated in college and still looking forward to go back here. I just want to share its beauty to others so that they can make their own special memories too. 

Contact Tito Monching our.resort@yahoo.com +69287590406 for the rates.

Credits to Melivea Melgazo and Chenee Marie Quia-eo for the pictures.

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Mitch said...

Thanks for following..keep bloggin!

Ganessa said...

Just starting out. Thanks for supporting. :)

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Perfect getaway, with the summer months fast approaching. :)

Franc Ramon said...

I was also able to visit Samal and looks like I have to explore more of the other resorts in that area.

MaryJane Tauyan said...

wow! haven't been to any gorgeous beaches back in philippines sure this will be in the lists! xx

Ganessa Archival said...

Your biking prowess will be put to the test here Franc... :)

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

this beach is so awesome,can't wait to swim there.

Monica said...

This awesome! Im looking for places to go to Philippines when I get back. Planning to tour my kids and family...Thanks for sharing this wonderful beach in the Samal!

Kai Grafia said...

Wow! What awesome sights and photos! I definitely wanna go to that place!

Pepper Tan said...

I wish I could go there someday. Will include that in my bucket list.

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Definitely looks like a place worth exploring. Love that nature is alive and thriving there. :) It's a perfect escape if you just want to relax and get away from the city :)

jo-ann said...

I like the place it is so interesting to visit. It is clean, healthy and the marine life is lively.

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