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Fabulous Fun in Vegas

As a travel enthusiast living in Chicago, one of my favorite places to go for fun and excitement is Las Vegas. This oasis in the Mojave Desert has it all. Of course, there are plenty of things for Mom and Dad to do on a break from the kiddos, but there are a lot of family activities that the entire family can enjoy together in Vegas as well.

1. The Bellagio Fountains

Doesn’t it seem strange that a city in the middle of the desert is the home of world-famous fountains? The choreographed waterworks displays at the Bellagio Fountains are breath taking. This 8.5-acre area features water that flies up to 460 feet in the air. My kids really enjoy watching. It’s Mom, however, whom they have to pry away in order to see anything else in the city.

2. O at Cirque de Soleil

The shows in Las Vegas are legendary. My personal favorite is Cirque de Soleil’s O. My family loves watching the acrobats and synchronized swimmers perform. This spectacular show features a shape-shifting pool that holds 1.5 million gallons of water. The kids love the stunts and the characters too.

3. The CSI Experience

My husband and I are huge fans of the show CSI. Naturally, we had to try our hand at solving crime with the CSI Experience at the MGM Grand. The process is incredibly realistic. We started by being ushered into a crime scene and taking note of all the details. There aren’t any shortcuts to solving crime, but we had fun experiencing the process in person.

4.Pink Jeep Tours

One of the reasons I love Las Vegas so much is that there are many activities outside the city limits as well as on the strip. Don’t take a trip here without exploring the beautiful scenery in the nearby countryside. Pink Jeep Tours are a great way to do this. A number of tours and packages are available. You can even take a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

There’s plenty to do and see in Las Vegas. Additionally, hotel options are wide ranging. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to read user reviews and find even more tips and tricks. I hope you get to take a trip there soon. My family and I always enjoy our times there together, and no two trips to this desert oasis are ever alike.

Article by Kendra Thornton

Cambodia Day 2 – Siem Reap Without The Temples

“It's a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn't even know you were aiming for.” - Lois McMaster Bujold

The second day of our adventure was supposed to be spent in Pattaya, Thailand (which we later found out that Mario Maurer was there… sigh!). Unfortunately, the Thai anti-government protesters called for a shutdown which totally ruined our plan for that day.

Of course I wanted to push through with my plans for Thailand - to visit as many countries as I can even in a limited extent of time but… when you are traveling in a group, it is important to acknowledge what the majority decides. This time, I was outvoted!

Sure we can take a risk as it was reported to only affect Bangkok but, we can’t be too audacious because our flight going back to the Philippines was in Siem Reap. It would be uneconomical for any traveler to be locked down in a city and miss a booked flight. On the brighter side, that gave us the chance to get to know Siem Reap even more.

Crocodile Farm In Siem Reap
Tuktuks can take you to places from $2 to $4 depending on the distance of your destination. We headed towards the Crocodile farm. What to expect? Just crocodiles!

War Museum Cambodia
We decided to check the war museum which is far from the Crocodile farm. It would be better if you check the museum in the morning and carry on to Cambodian Cultural Village after lunch as they are near to each other. The museum has $5 entry fee.

I'm not the girl your mom warned you about. Her imagination was never this good. Chos!

DIY Bike Tour
Just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel (Vimean Angkor Pich), we saw numerous bike displays that can be rented for just $2-$9 a day. Since only two knows how to bike, we chose a 2-seater bike which costs $9 per bike.

Remembering how excited I was made me smile while writing this. Yes, I don’t know how to bike but getting the chance to sit in the saddle, hold the handle bars and place my feet on the pedals gave me the illusion of controlling the whole ride even though I was just seated behind. The full control is in the hands of the one seated in the front – Jenny’s spot. For the moment, Lavin seated behind ate Kristen.

It always makes me smile remembering how Jenny got panicky, stopping countless times in the middle of an intersection, and walked our bike to the side while Jenny’s complaining and I was there laughing at her! The pressure was all hers being in charge of our safety. She even yelled at people who overtakes her! Hahaha! I know it was difficult for her and I will always thank her for that experience.

I never thought that bicycling in a busy foreign national highway can be this exhilarating!

We explored the whole city of Siem Reap except for the temple area because it will require us to pay another dollar for the temple passes.

Check out the map below to start planning your own bike tour around Siem Reap:

We may not be able to carry on with our original plan but that day was not bad at all. Of course, that’s how life is. A turn of events may seem very small at the time it’s happening, but you never really know, do you? How can you?

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Siem Reap Cambodia Day 1 - Temple Run!

Siem Reap Cambodia Day 1 - Temple Run!

Hello 2014! It’s been a while since I last updated my blog but I got a whole new bag of experiences to share that is still fresh on my memory. It’s Siem Reap I Saw, baby!

Hotel: So I arrived in Siem Reap around 9pm with Jenny and her two lovely cousins Lavin and Kirsten. We were fetched by our hotel’s tuktuk driver Mr. Ly of Vimean Angkor Pich hotel for free! The hotel is a 15-minute tuktuk ride from the airport which only costs $15 per night. If you have someone to share the room with, the better… as you’ll save half the price of it!

Tour Package: Mr. Ly introduced us to his tour package. For $15 (sharing of 4) we will be able to tour Angkor Wat and its neighboring temples for the whole day. Sounds like a great deal, right? Certainly! So we booked a tour for the next day and rested early for my most anticipated Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider adventure. Teehee!

Philippines is one hour ahead of Siem Reap, Cambodia and so we decided to start our tour at 8am. We passed through a checkpoint and a crowded ticket booth for a one day ticket pass that costs $20 each.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was our first stop which is 15 minutes away from our hotel. Since we had no breakfast yet, we decided to eat in a tiny food stall with a decent amount of red plastic chairs and tables just around the vicinity of the temple. For $1.5 we were served with rice topped with grilled pork and scrambled egg. Definitely tastes and looks like a pork teriyaki.

After a scrumptious meal, we were approached by salesy locals telling us that we can't get inside Angkor Wat in short pants and keeps on convincing us to buy long pants which is like a hippie casual boho dyed long pants. The price? $20 each!!! 

My companions bought one for themselves but I turned down the idea of buying because it's too expensive for a long pants. I have a shawl with me so I asked one tuktuk driver if I can get inside Angkor Wat by just making it a skirt and he answered YES. The lady seller behind me started yelling to the poor tuktuk driver in their local language, which I get the idea... she just lose a customer. Lols

The lady seller even ran after me on our tuktuk saying that since my companions made a purchase from them, I can now get it for only $15, but I think it's still too pricey so just I smiled and say no thanks!

Truth? You can get inside Angkor Wat wearing shorts, but it pays to wear long pants to protect your legs from the heat of the sun. You can also buy exactly what they offer in Siem Reap night market for as low as $3!!!........ and yeah, that was a tourist trap!

Snap Shots Around Angkor Wat:

The world's largest religious monument and a completely realised microcosm of the Hindu universe, culminating in the five peaks of Mount Meru. It is an architectural masterpiece in fine proportions and rich in detail; the apogee of classical Khmer construction. Some 600 m of narrative bas-relief and nearly 2,000 apsaras.

...and then we carried on to Angkor Thom.

Run! Temple Run! O_O

Around Angkor Thom, we found these lovely neighboring sites:

  1. Bayon (above picture)
  2. Baphuon (temple run like site)
  3. Elephant Terrace
  4. Leper King Terrace
Can't contain myself of too much excitement! ^_^

The complex of face-towers and the narrative bas-reliefs of daily life and Khmer history. The state temple of Jayavarman VII symbolic centre of the universe and empire.

After we toured around the vicinity of the Bayon Temple, we headed out for lunch and dined in front of Phimeanakas and the Royal Palace. After trying their popular Khmer dish named Loklak (sauteed pork or beef with ample amount of onions and lettuce), we went to the temple that was popularized by Angelina Jolie in her movie, Tomb Raider - The Ta Prohm temple.

Romantic atmosphere with opportunities to explore. Many hidden corners and strangler figs and silk-cotton trees entwined among ruins. From Ta Phrom we proceed to Banteay Kdei and Srah Srang. Last stop was in Prasat Kravan.

To sum it all, here are the temples we've visited:
  1. Angkor Wat
  2. Bayon
  3. Baphuon
  4. Elephant Terrace
  5. Leper King Terrace
  6. Phimeanakas and the Royal Palace
  7. Ta Prohm
  8. Bantay Kdei
  9. Srah Srang
  10. Prasat Kravan

That day was very satisfying for me but at some point, I wished I could have witnessed the scenic sunrise and sunsets with these magnificent temples. If I only have enough time in Siem Reap, I could have this 3-days itinerary:

  1. (First day) Pre-dawn to sunrise at Angkor Wat, followed by the South Gate of Angkor Thom and the summit of Phnom Bakheng. Late afternoon at Bayon.
  2. (Second day) Sunrise at Srah Srang, then Banteay Kdei and drive to Bantay Srei while the light is still good. Late afternoon to sunset Angkor Wat. If a full moon, the Bayon at night,
  3. (Third day) Sunrise at Rolous followed by early morning at Ta Prohm.

Meals: $5
One day temple pass: $20
Tour by tuktuk ($15 shared by 4): $4
Hotel: $7
Total: $36 or 1,620PHP

The tour ended in a timely manner and we celebrated our temple run adventure at the buzzling Pub Street for an al fresco dinner and Khmer foot spa.

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Davao Restaurant Suggestions By A Davawenya

“Nobody should be whipped. Remember that, once and for all. Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion.” ― Mikhail Bulgakov, Heart of a Dog

Just when my ‘Davao-related’ blog posts got indexed in Google, I’ve been lucky to receive messages from fellow gadabouts asking me what activities and places I would recommend here in my beloved city of Davao... Lavish! But the question that really gets me excited all the time is my suggestion of restaurants.

Instead of typing my suggestions repetitively, I’ve decided to just list them here so that I could just copy and paste the link (with visual presentation pa!)... then Voila!

Below are my personal favourite restaurants that I always recommend to Davao tourists:

Outback Grill Davao

This is a new and by far... the most entertaining restaurant here in Davao that offers tasty and affordable meals. 

Why entertaining? Because of their fire dancers, chicken dance, live band, mannequin dance, and other lively performances every Friday and Saturday... so make sure you come during weekends! 

You can also play crossword puzzles through their place mat and play UNO (just tell the waiter and they'll bring you wooden blocks).

My topmost favourite on their menu is their Chicken barbecue Tower and Tuna ceviche with milk. 
In fact, their barbecue was awarded "The Best Barbecue In Davao". If you're game for a challenge... finish their Goliath burger for 60 minutes and it's free! You'll also get a free Goliath T-Shirt and your picture in their wall of fame.

Also, Zoofari Kids Adventure, just beside the restaurant is a great treat and playhouse for children.

Location: Outback Grill at Bacaca Road, Garcia Heights
Check this write-up from Miss Jojie Alcantara for her fulsome review of Outback Grill Davao.

This food house is known for their cakes and home specialty, San Rival (very delicious)! They are also the supplier of cakes for most of the coffee shops in Davao City so that really speaks of its ‘sweety-toothy’ credibility. 

If you’re looking for a good place for snack, go here and try their Sans Rival. If you’re craving for a decent meal, no worries... try their Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs... really tasty!

Location: Door 1-H VAL Learning Village Ruby Street, Marfori Heights
See mouth-watering reviews here by TheGiddy Chiq and Sugar Foodie.

Tiny Kitchen

This might not be seen on the list of Davao-best-restaurants-related sites but this is a ‘terrific kitchen of good food’ as opposed to its name ‘tiny’. My topmost favourite on the menu is their Paella Valencia - a perfect mix of rice and sea foods.

Warning: Paella’s medium serving is good for quarter servings but I tell you... nakakabitin! You know what I mean. *wink

Location: Torres Street
Check this succulent review by ChicFoodie.

I know that there are a lot of other home-grown restaurants that offers real good food such as Chippens, Lyndon’s, Ahfat, Yellow Fin, Taklobo in Jack’s Ridge, Dencia’s, and many more... but the three I listed above are my personal choices.

That’s my big three for now! Have a ‘Lami’ (delicious) stay in Davao! :)

Photo credits: 
Dabawenya Me
Sugar Foodie
TheGiddy Chiq
The Geek Travels

How To Link Renewed UnionBank Eon Card To Paypal

My eon debit card is important to me as it is my turnkey to my travel bookings and payroll however it is bound to expire every 3 years and mine expired last week for the first time.

So, I went to the nearest UnionBank office and submitted my card for renewal. I filled up a form and voila! They told me to come back after a week to get the new card.

*Please note that some of the branches of UnionBank requires a renewal fee of PhP150.

After one week, I got my card... and what’s next? So clueless...

I haven't found a helpful post with regards to linking a renewed UnionBank EON card to PayPal. So I asked some of my friends how they did it and now is my turn to share it with you.

Link Debit Card To PayPal

*I enrolled again to UnionBank’s Cyber Account because I no longer have access to it years ago.
*After successfully enrolled, I was notified to wait for 2 business days before I can use my EON Cyber Account (but it took me a week for to access my EON Cyber Account, so please be patient). Also, please make sure that there’s at least Php100 on your EON (I’ll explain its relevance later).
*When I got to access my EON Cyber Account, I logged in my Paypal account > Profile > Add/Edit Credit  Card > Add Card and filled in my information.
*After that, I received an e-mail prompting me that I need to confirm the linked debit card to my EON bank account. 

To make sure the card is yours, we made a small charge to it (Php100) that you'll need to confirm (and we'll refund the money to your PayPal account when you're done).

The charge creates a unique 4-digit code on your card statement. If you don't see the charge right away, don't worry - sometimes it takes a few days to show up. If you can't check your card statement online, check your paper statement when it comes in the mail (this can take up to 30 days). You will find the charge from PayPal with a 4-digit code.

How To Confirm Your Card And Complete Verification

Go to your EON Cyber Account > Deposit Accounts > Options (Choose Last 10 Transactions from drop down button) > Go.
- Check the description field of your credit card statement or bank statement (for debit card) for your 4-digit code (see bold digits below) and the word 'PayPal' or 'PP'. Some examples to help you recognise your code.

For Visa/AMEX/JCB/Discover: PP*
For MasterCard: PP*4321PAYPAL -- *EXPUSE

- Back to your PayPal account, go to Add/Edit Credit Card
Click 'Confirm my debit or credit card'
Enter your 4-digit code (1234 or 4321) to complete verification.

The Php100 amount they have charged you will be refunded to your PayPal account within 24 hours after you complete the process.

Now, you have successfully linked your debit/credit card to your PayPal and your PayPal status is now Verified.

You can now transfer your funds from your PayPal account to your bank account. Happy online banking! :)

The Vibrant Indak-Indak Sa Kadalanan Of Kadayawan 2013

"Being fearless, isn't being 100% unafraid... it's being terrified, but you jump anyway" – Harper Lee

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing tragic bombing incidents at various cities of Mindanao. That being said, the safety of my beloved Davao City was put on a pedestal knowing that Kadayawan festival might be the next target for malevolent terrorism acts.

In point of fact, Mayor Duterte nearly cancelled the Kadayawan celebration (usually happens around 2nd to 3rd week of August) to make sure his citizens are safe, but he said that cancelling Kadayawan is also like removing the soul of Davao City. Yes, that's right!

Despite the fear and warning of my parents and peers to stay away from crowded areas, I jumped anyway... --- I won’t waste my second life after that near death experience at Cagayan de Oro bombing to only sit at home and let the fear set in.

Safety Of Kadayawan
So, I woke up early after 3 hours of sleep to go to my best friend’s house and borrow her DSLR (of course, I want to capture great photos this time!). After which, I went to the area where the event will happen but the police won’t allow me to get closer because I... have... a... sling bag!

...I thought that only back packs are banned from the area but I was wrong. A sling bag or even a little shoulder bag is not allowed to pass through the streets of the festival. 

Impressive! Mayor Duterte really ensured the safety of his people.*

The nice policeman suggested that I’ll leave my bag at San Pedro police station... YES! The police station served as a baggage counter for everyone that time! Without hesitation, I went there, took my valuables, and submitted my bag.

In fact, 6 out of 10 'tourists' are plain clothes intelligence personnel. Even though the people have no idea about the scattered incognito intelligence personnel, they trusted enough the city government for the safety and still enjoyed the main streets of Davao.

Mingling With The Photographers 
Upon getting ready, my bff’s camera won’t turn on... and there I realized that my bff forgot to put the battery on the camera!!! So disappointing... great thing, I brought my Pentax camera with me so I just used it instead of the DSLR.

During the event, there was a special area for photographers right below the tent of VIP guests which is obviously a good spot to watch the dancers. Desperate to get there, I talked to a police man and plead to allow me inside the photographers’ area so that I could take great pictures... and guess what?... he let me in! He even assisted me. Yipeeeeee! Minutes later, they announced that the show will start. Just in time!

Here are some of the moments I captured during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan of Kadayawan 2013:

Love her smile!

Vibrant, isn't it? I could have missed these shots if I let fear set in.

After 2 hours of standing under the sun, I surrendered and bought a cold water to quench my thirst. But that didn't end there. I meet my friend Don and did a "photowalk". 

It was a very nice experience and I will definitely come back next year. Happy Kadayawan everyone! :)

Unconventional Food Trip In Cagayan De Oro

Because eating at the best food houses is too main stream... my companions and I decided to walk around the streets of Cagayan de Oro to try the local eateries therein... and it was not disappointing!

My last visit in Cagayan was remarkable because I have tasted a very saucy, delicious, and tender pork barbecue... I repeat... TENDER!

The pork barbecue of Barbecue Station near Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is not your conventional pork barbecue that is "makunat" and dry. I strongly recommend this to people who are planning to do a food trip in Cagayan because it is really delicious. I even wondered why it only costs 15 PhP each.

The meal became more exotic because of the rice covered with palm or banana leaf (not sure) they are serving.

We also ordered sinuglaw and dinuguan for 30 PhP per serving. I was quite disappointed at first with their tiny serving but I immediately forgot about it after the first taste. Sometimes, food quality matters more than the quantity. I am not a food expert or what... but they are also packed with flavors.

The sinuglaw played a right sour and spiciness inside my mouth and the dinuguan was also delicious and not a wishy-washy! It’s worth more than what we paid for.

After that scrumptious meal, we took a walk again around Xavier University and noticed this tiny cupcake shop called The Sweet Shop.

There were a lot of tempting options in their display stand that made me want to order all of them! (But of course, I can’t as it will rip off my pocket and deposit more fats on my body... lol). To satisfy my craving, I ordered an assortment of 3 cupcakes.

A cupcake topped with blueberries, caramel melt cupcake and the plain vanilla cupcake. All of those are sweet which is great for my sweet tooth. The caramel melt cupcake became my absolute favorite!

That's all for my one night food trip in Cagayan de Oro. It was unforgettable.... and delicious.... and good for our pockets!

Thoughts On Traveling

One should realize why we need to travel...

Before, I see travel as a time for relaxation, paying yourself forward and a time to take gazillions pictures to be posted in social medias (e.g Facebook or Instagram). But I recently realize that what I believe before was just a by product of traveling.

I'm not a travel expert or anyone who travels a lot but I cannot contain my enamoured experience while travelling. The world is so big and wonderful and there is so much to explore. We human beings were designed to be social, as they say "no man is an island". As how I interpret it was quite different, for me being social is not only jumping outside from our comfort zones and meet new friends but being social is physically going outside the place where you usually live (your own little world).

That's maybe the reason why ancient people like the nomads go from one place to another, not because of the food but because of the hunger to discover new lands. Why?, because people want to grow.

As a person, we are designed to grow but not only physically or emotionally (self age) but in all aspects of our being - the mind, body and soul. Physically we travel because we are a being of motion, we were made to move. But aside from that fact, we would love to travel because we want to taste new food. That's why, every time we travel we lose track of our diet plans.

Mentally we want to travel because we want to see and feel new things. The world is fill with lots of cultures and the experience to try something not familiar is priceless. Socially we want to travel because we love to meet new and old friends. Building relationship to these people is something vital in travelling.

Me myself as an article writer, registered nurse, and a travel enthusiast, realized that travelling is a way to create new or enhance yourself. The mere fact that you go outside your usual place and seeing new things create ideas. Ideas that will eventually be translated to understanding other people that will eventually be translated to self-actualization and will be eventually translated as self value.

Well maybe we have different reasons why we travel but definitely we all agree that traveling is such a wonderful activity to do. It might be for business or leisure but I'm sure you'll definitely want to do it again and again.

Cagayan De Oro –Transportation | Hotel | Hospitality

The City Of Golden Friendship” --- BIG WORD!

A moniker that sounds so surreal is just in fact the right word to describe Cagayan de Oro based on my experience. In addition, it is a great place for thrill seekers (a.k.a Adventure Capital of the Philippines), gastronomes, and thrifty travelers.

Airport and Transportation
I consider Cagayan’s airport as one of the best airports in the Philippines because of its cleanliness, superb organizing skills of the staff, and modernized structure. However, it was quite overwhelming when we got to step out of Laguindingan airport as there were a lot of “makulit” drivers offering a ride to Cagayan City Proper.

Comfy Transportation: The LAX (Laguindingan Airport Express) shuttle costs 199PhP per person and I thought it’s too pricey to start our Cagayan trip and so, we just thanked the drivers for the offer and walked away. 

We tried to walk until we get to the highway of the airport but my companion called her kagay-anon friend and asked about the best way to reach the city proper and she suggested that we take the LAX shuttle.

Cheaper Transportation: My friend was also informed that we can’t just walk our way to the highway because it’s 5-kilometre long. Desperate to get a cheaper way, we called a motor (habal-habal) driver and he offered to bring us to the highway for 30PhP each. He also said that we can just take a bus from the highway going to Cagayan City Proper for just 40 PhP.

That’s 50 percent saving against the LAX shuttle ride! So, we go without hesitation.

Cagayan’s main transportations are just like the conventional ones we found in cities - Taxis, buses, Jeepneys, and trikes (locally called “rela” short for motorela).


We rode on a motor (habal-habal) where the driver seated in the front and my 2 other companions and I seated uncomfortably at the back, looking like an awkward worm. One good looking guy seated in the passenger seat of a black Hilux goes past us, rolled down the car’s window and said something that sounds like “Uod”... My friend momentarily admitted that she got dumbfounded and twitterpated with the guy but came back to her senses and asked “Ano raw?”, and I responded “Sabi niya siguro, mukha tayong uod” and we started laughing.

Minutes later, the motor driver realized that his mp3 player is gone... fell during the trip. The man who said something like “Uod” was really saying “Hulog”. So, I told the driver to leave us on the side for a mo’ and go back its way to find the lost mp3 player and we’ll just wait for him to return. After a minute or two, he came back with sad eyes and said others might have it in possession already.

We feel sad for him but we hope it'll be replaced with something better. Maybe not a new MP3 but something that will make him delighted.

Accommodation And Meeting Mr. Golden Friendship!
Upon reaching the highway, we were offered to ride a taxi going to the city proper for 50PhP each. We were advised by a random guy that a 50PhP rate of the taxi is in fact a good deal already. Convinced, we rode on a taxi and invited the random guy to share the taxi with us.

We took advantage of the chance to ask the random guy about his suggestions:

The best affordable stays in Cagayan: Will’s Place and Park View Hotel – around 800PhP/overnight shared by two.

Cheaper stay in Cagayan: When we were dropped by the taxi driver at Bulua Terminal, the random guy or who I now called “Mr. Golden Friendship” rode a jeep with us and accompanied us to Will’s Place. 

However he suggested that if we’re just looking for a place to sleep (less than 12 hours), the most practical option is the D’Morvie Suites (300Php/12 hours which can be shared by two). Very helpful on our pocket!

Best place to eat: Barbecue station near Xavier’s University (Ateneo de Cagayan).

That was a very good start in Cagayan, thanks to Mr. Golden Friendship! I regret not asking his name but he left his number. He said that we’ll just text him and he’ll call back in case we need help while we’re staying in CDO. Very nice Mr. Golden Friendship :)

Another Mr. Golden Friendship is the taxi driver. After driving us to Dahilayan the next day, he invited us to his home while we were waiting for our flight back to Davao. His wife, Ate Belinda served us a meryenda and cooked Sinigang and adobo for us.

Cagayan is indeed a true home of Golden Friendship!

Other info:
The taxi driver Mr. Ricardo Flores offers a taxi rental for a day going to Dahilayan, just for 2,200 PhP.
Contact him at 

As of March 2014, LAX Shuttle CdO Terminal is relocated at the Capt. Vicente Roa St. entrance of Centrio Mall near TGIF or FRiDAYS. The area is more spacious and convenient for waiting passengers.

For Faster Bookings & Inquiries you may call or text
0917-7101-LAX(529) for Globe & TM
0925-8100-LAX(529) for Sun, Smart, Talk&Text Numbers.

Cancelled Flight To Cagayan De Oro Saved My Life

July 26, 2013 – is a sad date for the citizens of Cagayan de Oro city because of a blast that occurred at Kyla's Bistro, one of the tenants in the restaurant strip at Rosario Arcade in Limketkai Mall, around 11:30 p.m. Friday. Six people, were killed, while 46 others were wounded.

That same date, my flight from Davao City going to Cagayan de Oro got cancelled due to bad weather.

I was pissed at first for the fact that I don’t have enough sleep, have to be at the airport 2 hours before the estimated time of departure (6:55 am), we have to cancel our scheduled canyoneering activity at Mapawa Adventure Park, and my two other companions are not feeling well. 

I know the weather is not within the control of the airline and I am thankful that they offered other options for us. They offered that we either fly the next day or take the connecting flight from Davao to Manila to Cagayan de Oro. So, we picked the latter and arrived at Cagayan de Oro around 6 pm.

The Original Itinerary
Our original itinerary for that day was the canyoneering activity at Mapawa (8am to 2pm), rest at the Hotel (2pm to 7pm), dinner at Kagay-anon restaurant in Limketkai Mall (7pm to 9pm), and chill and booze at Rosario Arcade (9 pm onwards) where the bombing happened.

But since we arrived late at Cagayan, our original itinerary changed. Instead of pursuing our evening plan at Kagay-anon restaurant and Rosario Arcade in Limketkai Mall, we just dined at Barbecue Station near our hotel and just sleep as my two sick companions’ condition got even worse and we are just too tired to roam around.

Next day, I woke up with the sad news about the bombing, then it dawned to me that if not for the cancelled flight, we may have pushed through with our original plan, and I could be one of the casualties or witnesses of that terrible explosion.

Cancelled flights are quite annoying sometimes but, there’s a reason for everything. As for me, it saved me from that nightmare. It is also God’s way of telling me that it’s not my time yet and life is too short to not do the things you love.

My heart and prayer goes to the victims of the bombing.