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The Unforgettable Island Garden Resort In Pangubatan

From the moment I uploaded my photos on Facebook from this trip, I was instantly asked by my friends, “Where is this?” and I replied “Pangubatan”. The follow up question was “Where is that?”

...and I suppose, you are also not familiar with this place. So, let's get to know it more.

The Next Big Thing In Samal!

Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan is the one and only resort therein that was opened to the public 3 years ago and the next big thing that will set brgy. Pangubatan on a pedestal as one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines.

I cringed on the thought that this beautiful paradise nestled at the south-eastern part of Samal Island is just new to the ears if its neighbor city’s locals when in fact it is known to foreigners. An hour long travel from Samal Ferry Terminal and the best resort I have ever visited when it comes to affordability, water activities, food, and customer service. 

(c) Hector Quiambao
My friend Essa and I arrived as walk-in guests and upon entering, we were already sold! The warm greeting of the staff was remarkable that is a great way to start our “staycation”. We also noticed that most of their customers are from different races - Koreans, Chinese, and Caucasians. My friend and I were the only Filipinos that time.

Jeff and Sir Bong (operations manager of the resort) toured us around the resort and we were impressed by what we saw --- recycled wooden furniture, widespread chalets, hammocks, loungers, canopy walk, floating cottage, the tree house, and etc.

After the quick tour, we walked towards the little Japanese cave, rumored as a burial chamber of some of Japanese gold during World War II. 

We also had a great time with the beach while boating and snorkeling around its neighboring beaches. Upper left photo is on the left shore of the resort heading to the Japanese cave and the other 3 photos were taken at the right shore of the resort.

Ganessa and Vanessa
Vanessa's chillin' like a boss!
Swimming around the Mushroom Island.
Ended the night with a very good massage by the bay.

Good News - Turtles!
A sea turtle laid her eggs last June 19, 2013 in the resort for the second time. Another batch of more than 100 due this 27th or 28th of August 2013. Essa and I will definitely go back to witness this event. Let us join hands to protect them!

Things I liked during my stay

  1. Good food! Try their house specialty - Lemon Chicken.
  2. Friendly and respectful locals. We just left our gadgets on the sand while we were busy doing our own stuff and no one bothered to steal them away. Also, their friendliness made our stay more light.
  3. Unlimited options of activities.
  4. Clean surroundings.
  5. Wifi access!
  6. The beach is not itchy compared to other beaches in Samal.
  7. Best Staff EVER!!! The staff were very friendly where you can sit down with them and fool around. Can't forget their names - Sir Bong, Jeff, Zinjian, Chef Blaire, Beverlyn, Kuya Rolando, and MJ. Thank you for making our stay memorable and of course, for the Buko Juice and fried Kardaba. :-) More power!

Room Rates
Family Room (good for 4) – 2,700 PhP
Dorm (per bed) – 350 PhP
Gazebo - upper (good for 5) – 810 PhP
Whole Gazebo for events – 1,700 PhP
Tree House (good for 2) – 850 PhP
Room Cottages (good for 2) – 950 PhP
*Rates as of June 2013 - may change without prior notice.

Table Tennis (pingpong) – 100 PhP/hr
Dart – 50 PhP/hr
Bike – 100 PhP/hr
Boating – 200 PhP
Life Jacket – 25 PhP/pax
Snorkel – 100 PhP
Massage - 350 PhP
Scuba Diving (at least 6 person) - 1,500 PhP/pax

How To Get To Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan
For Thrill Seekers
Essa and I are the adventurous type and so, we tried the butt-numbing way to get into the resort.

From Davao City, we boarded on a bus going to Samal stationed at the vicinity of Magsaysay Park (near the gate of Sta. Ana wharf) to Penaplata proper. From there, we took an hour of motorcycle ride (habal2x) to the resort at 125 PhP/pax.

When Travelling By Private Car
It would take you between 45 minutes to 1 hour to drive the 24 km. road from the Caliclic ferry boat wharf to Kaputian proper and the 12 km. all-weather dirt road to the resort, passing thru Barangays San Isidro and Libertad.
Ferry Boat Fee:
Private Car / Pick-Up Truck - 270 phP
Passenger (More than 1 pax) - 10 PhP/pax
Toll Fee (Samal Port) - 10 PhP/pax

As per January 1, 2013 the ferry runs 24 Hours. You can check the Davao to Samal Ferry Transfer Schedules Here.

For the first - timers to the resort, they can arrange somebody to guide your way from Kaputian proper upon request. Just locate the only gas station (Holy Infant Gas Station) at Kaputian, a few meters from the bus terminal area, as the rendevouz point.

For A Comfortable Ride
A shuttle service (an air-conditioned Crosswind) can be arranged.
From the airport to the resort - 1,800 PhP
From Samal Terminal (Babak) - 1,000 PhP
Car rental - 3,000 PhP rental per day (24 hrs) from Davao to the resort & back. The rate includes the rental of the car, including the fuel and the driver. Note however that the guest will have to pay for the barge fee and the passenger's fees to and from the resort.

Davao Watertaxi
They are now connected to Davao Watertaxi. Visit their website for prices.

Purok 4 Barangay Pangubatan, Kaputian District, IGACOS
Phone: (082) 284-0168
Email: islandgardenresort@gmail.com
Island Garden Resort In Pangubatan


bong said...

Thanks Ganessa for blessing us with your surprise visit at the resort with Vaness. Thanks also for this beautiful article about Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan. You may also visit our website - www.islandgardenresortinpangubatan.com. Hope to see you to document the journey back home by the baby turtles to the deep blue sea next month. - k bong

Gana Explore said...

You are most welcome Sir Bong. Thanks also for making our stay memorable. See you all this August ;)

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Wah I think this garden resort is very ideal for photoshoots and TV series. This place is not much promoted yet, noh? Kasi kayo lang Filipinos.

Kim Nieves said...

Ang ganda ng figure mo! This motivated me to stay focused on my workout goal. =)

Franc Ramon said...

The room rates are really affordable and it would be nice to witness the turtles laying their egg and more so when the egg hatches.

Jonas Labagala said...

Uy! Nag-exist diay ni nga resort? Wa lagi ko kabalo ani ay. Hmmmm.. Anyway, with the experience you had in this resort, I think me and my family will give a shot on this one..

Thanks for posting the rates too! This will be a great help for those who want to have a vacation or "staycation" in the resort.

Gana Explore said...

@Roch - Yes,pero I think well promoted siya in the international market.
@Kim - Naks!
@Franc - Indeed. Actually, we're going on the 27th of August to witness it.
@Jonas - Sus di jud ka magsisi Jon! Gora. Enjoy your stay :)

Sumi Go | The Purple Doll said...

I haven't heard of this resort yet, but I'd love to visit some time soon! :) Lalo na since it's not that promoted yet to locals. The place looks so nice and it'd be a once-in-a-lifetime moment to see the turtle eggs hatch.. ^^

Gil Camporazo said...

The place is calm, tranquil and peaceful. I heard about Samal, but where is it in the country? I am not really familiar with this place.

Mommy Pehpot said...

the resort you stayed looks really nice.. relaxed na relaxed ang ambiance

Gana Explore said...

@Sumi - Yes, it would be nice to visit before it gets too crowded.
@Gil - I understand your sentiment. Pangubatan is really not popular but it's in Samal, a few minute boat ride from Davao City :)

serene shikukeza said...

The water looked calm and the room rates are very affordable. This place is a must visit!

Fina Jenny said...

hindi ko pa siya narinig, it looks like a paradise sana mapromote pa siya so people would know that there is still a jewel undercover down there.

Gab said...

Wow! ang ganda ng lugar, wish to visit that place someday... hahaha but seriously i haven't visit Samal

Justin Buenagua said...

wow!! the place looks so awesome plus the rates are really affordable!!

Maritel Ledesma said...

what a beautiful place and affordable too! I wish Davao was next door!

Michelle Banayo said...

Argh! I wanna go to this place before more people get to know about it. Thank you for giving the full details. My niece will definitely want to see this place.

Mai Flores said...

I could endure a butt-numbing habal-habal ride if it meant reaching this kind of destination! Sayang.. I would visit this place if only Tiger Airways didn't cancel my Davao flight. :(

Riza Acebuche said...

What a beautiful place, I feel relax seeing that photos. Especially the time when you are having the massage besides the bay. Love it! <3

Gen-zel said...

I love travelling too. I'm sad I wasn't to able to go to any place last summer. Nice photos you have in there most especially the first one. I would love to go there too as the budget doesn't need to be that big. They have affordable room rates and activities. Great news for the turtles! :D

PS. You're so sexy! <3

Algene said...

I just envy you.. Seeing a photo of you in the beach and having a massage. Gosh. I miss Samal! :)

markpogi said...

I got sold with the first photo. I'm sure I'll add this to my list.

joy | chemist2writer said...

I love the beach so this post really made me happy. I feel like I got to visit the resort, thanks to your pics :)

papaleng said...

you really sold this resort to your readers. Sa story mo, seems the place is a must-see lace for travel buffs. Good place and the rate is quiet affordable. Plus, may gorgeous-looking ladies pa. ;)

Francis Balgos said...

Just lookign at that beautiful photo by Hector Quiambao.. the use of long exposure shots on a sunset setting capped it all for me.
Next thing I have to know is where is this and I can start planning a visit.
You see, I'm on the hunt for places with beautiful and scenic sunrise and sunsets, espcially those with bodies of waters. :)
Samal is next now on my list. :)

Yamito Uytingco Calamba said...

The place is beautiful and well-preserved. I should be including this on my travel plans this year. :)

Ganessa said...

Yes, it would be nice to visit before it gets too crowded.

Ganessa said...

Hi Gil. I understand your sentiment. Pangubatan is really not popular but it's in Samal, a few minute boat ride from Davao City :)

Ganessa said...

Hi Roch. Yes, pero I think well promoted siya in the international market.

Ganessa said...

Sus di jud ka magsisi Jon! Gora. Enjoy your stay :)

Ganessa said...

You are most welcome Sir Bong. Thanks also for making our stay memorable. See you all this August ;)

chasingplaces said...

Nice writeup ness! Will definitely check this out. Affordable ang rates considering that they have great amenities.

Ganessa said...

Thanks Jo. Very affordable talaga. They said that's the least thing they can do sa mga guests considering na kailangan talagang dumayo ng malayo just to get there :)

Sam Montilla Arizala said...

Hello! Do you have the resort's contact number? Hindi ko kasi makontak sila ngayon e.

Noree Angelique Militar said...

Good Day. may i ask of how you got back to the main island after your stay at the resort?

Ganessa said...

Hi Noree. My friend and I rode a habal2x back to Samal Terminal. Paid 125 pesos one way :)

Noree Angelique Militar said...

Thank you very much. :D

Len said...

Hello, I tried to reach you through email, but I got no response. The website is not working too :( How can I contact you? We'll be there on Dec 1-3. Thanks!

Ganessa said...

Hi Len. You can contact them through their FB page https://www.facebook.com/islandgardenresortinpangubatan

Chem said...

We've been here Nov.15! My 2 white friends decided to tour the whole samal island! It's our first time and we don't know our way to get to the bottom part of the island. We ask for a map in Penaplata Tourism hall and we found this place! That time we stay already in Bluejaz Resort and Waterpark. We rode a motorbike from there going to this place, it's like 2hours or 3 before we get here. I was like a vegie but after seeing this place.. Trust me! It's worth the butt-numbing habal-habal ride! A beautiful and peaceful getaway! We just had our lunch here and the food was good! And that time, we're the only costumers so it's like we own the resort for a couple of hours! LOL. I wish we stay longer. I will come back here soon.. hopefully.. :))

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